This four-ingredient wonder is an indulgent dessert and drink in one. Treat yourself!

Combine 2 bananas, 1 cup vanilla ice cream, and 1 cup milk in a blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into glasses and top each with a scoop of chocolate marble ice cream to serve.

Tip: switch it up! Play around with different flavors of ice cream and different kinds of milk to create exciting new blends. You can also try a combination of almond milk with strawberry frozen yogurt for a healthier treat.

Description: Banana and chocolate milkshake

Banana and chocolate milkshake

Great gadget

Coffee grinder

Caffeine junkies, take note! Your beloved gadget has more uses in the kitchen than grinding beans for your daily cup of joe.

Spice of life

Buy spices whole and grind them up to get the freshest flavor possible. Explore different combinations for spice rubs and marinades. Need to clean the grinder after processing spices! Pour in some salt and grind for one minute. This cleans it up and gives you flavors salt to boot!

Your daily bread

Got stale bread lying around? Don’t throw it away – simply slice into small cubes and pop them in the grinder to get breadcrumbs.

Go nuts

Grind up nuts and seeds like almonds and flax seeds. Add them to your morning cereal for a quick nutritional boost.

Description: Coffee grinder

Coffee grinder

The try-it-taste-it row

Frozen delights

Try a new way to stay cool this month by enjoying some of Magnolia’s Best of the Philippines ice cream flavors. Our favorites are Ube Keso made with the finest ube from Baguio, and Mangoes and Cream with creamy mangoes that can only be found in Guimaras. With ice cream this good, it’s definitely more fun in the Philippines! Available at leading supermarkets nation-wide.

Description: Frozen delights

Frozen delights

Jam session

Spread on some jam from Fruit Garden’s new tropical-inspired flavors, Mango the main ingredient of this new line of jams, is paired with three tropical fruits we all can’t get enough of: guyabano, jackfruit and durian. Pair them with your favorite bread or use them in your baked goods! For more information, see www.thefruitgarden.net.

No-fuss cooking

It’s about time we stop worrying about cookware that easily chips or food sticking to oans. Sensorielle’s nonstick layers are armed and ready for heavy-duty work in the kitchen. Definitely a must-have for the domestic goddess! Available at Rustan’s Department Store and leading department stores nation-wide.

Description: No-fuss cooking

No-fuss cooking

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