In her new memoir, magazine doyenne Jane Raphaely shares the story of her remarkable life. And here, exclusively for Taste, she shares the coveted recipe for her famous chicken soups, as much a tonic for the spirit as it is for the body

Recognized as one of the Women of Our Time and recipient of the Media Innovator of the Year and Businesswoman of the year awards, magazine mastermind Jane Raphaely has led nothing short of an extraordinary life. in her new memoir, currently selling like hot cake, she reveals how she got to the top of highly competitive, formerly male-dominated industry and, far from being the Devil in Prada, she shares the touching, often hilarious, aspects of her incredible journey and the many people, including cherished colleagues, who have been a part of it.

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Jane Raphaely

A consummate mother hen known for her infinite kindness, Jane’s nourishing chicken broth, which she delivers to colleagues needing a little TLC, is the stuff of legend. Former editor of Femina magazine, Clare O’Donoghue, recalls receiving a giant margarine tub of the potent elixir when she was struck down with flu: “years later when my Dad passed away, a man arrived at the door with a telltale Flora tub – it was still warm. This wasn’t just soup for the soul… it was soup from the soul.”

“Ever the lady”, Jane prescribed the wonder broth when enquiring after her family’s health, says Stefania Johnson, former editor of House and Leisure: “On hearing my husband had flu, she promptly dispatched a two-litre dose of her legendary cure-all”

Ann Ellis-Brown, deputy editor ò Cosmopolitan, also received a tub when she contracted pneumonia: “It was so delicious that my husband insisted on sharing my ‘penicillin’. Any medical value aside, it was incredibly comforting – like a mother’s hug for a sick child.’

Even Taste’s own Sumien Brink has had the privilege of sampling the magic broth: “Once, after a nasty fall, Jane delivered a Tupperware filled with the golden soup. My children couldn’t believe their eyes – they only knew chicken soup to be a pale broth afloat with tiny noddles. Needless to say, I was up and going in no time.”

Jane’s Chicken Soup

Description: Description: Jane’s Chicken Soup

Jane’s Chicken Soup

“Serve the soup as hot as possible – as Jewish philosopher and physician Maimonides said, ‘Chicken soup is medicine and should be inhaled, as well as drunk.’” – Jane Raphaely

Place 1 free-range chicken (with feet and giblets), 500 g beef shin (bone in), 1 bunch celery (leaves, too), 1 gem squash, halved, ½ clove peeled garlic (optional), 1 knob ginger, peeled and sliced, and 2 large potatoes, 2 large onions, 2 turnips, 6 carrots and 3 ripe tomatoes, all peeled and chopped, into a heavy saucepan. Add 4 T NoMu chicken fond (stock), cover with water, season and top with a tightly fitting lid. Bring to the boil, reduce the heat and simmer until the chicken is falling off the bone and the shin is soft and colorless, around 2 hours. Remove the bones and celery strings, blend and serve piping hot. Serves 12 to 14


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