In many cases, it is parents who germinate children’s mistakes.

Reasons causing children to commit crime

The result of investigating criminals at teenagers shows that the factor deciding the seeds of crime in children is the education when they are newborns. The thing you should avoid absolutely is pampering them too much, which causes the fact that the children will grow up in irresponsibility.

Research on teenage criminals reveals the main cause of crimes:

·         Lacking patience

·         Parents are too strict.

·         Too much expectation

·         Pampering too much

All understand that the first reason of crimes is the lack in patience without any suffering ability. We must not educate children by pampering. Children are educated in the way they want cannot bring out any results in which children’s brain develop freely. It is only the way you pamper your children, teaching them to be selfish ones. If you only pamper them without teaching them how to suffer, their minds will rocket. Once the claims are satisfied, the next claims will arise.

Description: Description: Description: Description: If you only pamper them without teaching them how to suffer

If you only pamper them without teaching them how to suffer

Parents do not teach children how to suffer, and satisfy all children’s claims which will be the good basement for the children to ask for more and more rights. The dissatisfaction of children does not start from the force to suffer, but from the point that you don’t teach them how to suffer. Parents should know that, when children are adapted too much, they will become dissatisfaction. Children knowing to suffer do not have this dissatisfaction.

In France, children in middle-class family rarely commit crimes. It is because, when they were children, they were educated strictly, so they know what they want and dissatisfaction doesn’t exist in it.

The second reason for committing crimes is that children grow up in such a strict education by parents. This case is opposite to the above reason. This is the strict education, and you don’t admit the children’s achievement, always complain, and scold. These kinds of parents are more than we can imagine.

Many mothers mostly complain about the children. They do not understand when they do that, the talents of children will be lost. Everyday living in parents’ complaints, children absolutely have wrong emotions.

Description: Description: Description: Description: Everyday living in parents’ complaints, children absolutely have wrong emotions.

Everyday living in parents’ complaints, children absolutely have wrong emotions.

We want to warn that: being scolded so much, children tend to commit crimes.

The third reason of committing crimes is the over-expectation from parents. You need to make sure that your children know their abilities, and have full grasp of those. For children under 1 year old, this is extremely important. All 0-year-old children are talents, so the way of thinking “this can be known by anyone” is wrong, completely. Teach them how to make full use of talented factors that they have. To reach the stage when the children can express their own abilities, parents must have such patience and education skill. With no skill, merely thinking “every single child on this Earth knows this, and my children as well” is a signal of over-expectation.

Children, to whom you put too much hope and expectation, will not be strong enough to satisfy that expectation, and they will feel that they are so dull. Or they express the opposing strongly against parents. If parents are not good at detecting and nourishing the children’s talent and only put expectation in them, children will feel that they are in hell. Then, they may get sick, or hate studying, or do not want to go to school, or commit suicides.

Parents have to know the secret of nourishing their talents, so that they grow up to be the nice people. All children are talents. If they do not become talented people, it is because parents don’t know how to instruct them.

Believe that children are talents. Be patient, and teach them while playing. They are useful lessons, allowing them to do adequate tasks to enforce their beliefs. If you can do that, all children will be nice.

The fourth reason is that children are taken care of too much by parents. Parents do everything for them. These children wean slowly, and they are childlike all the time, being emotive and selfish and having no social communication. Some strange mothers know clearly that teaching children from 0 year old is so important, but rush into teaching them knowledge without mentioning rules and principles. For example, 3 year-old children going to kinder garden know how to read well but cannot undress by themselves. Then, they only burst into tears. We understand that her mother has done everything for them, extremely. This education style only degrades the self-awareness of children.

They want to do, but cannot do. As a result, a feeling of dissatisfaction arises inside them. This is the reason that leads to the criminals.

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