Article 1: Good-mood Munchies

It is never be late for you to enjoy interesting and delicious munchies. Many studies show that some foods can help balance hormone and substances secreted from the brain, which helps the mind be happy and relieves stress. ‘You can create wonder for your mood from inside the body’ – according to Mitzi Dulan, R.D, co-author of the book named The All-Pro Diet.

The followings are 5 attractive munchies for you to choose

1.    Bell pepper

Description: Bell pepper

This type of pepper contains plenty of vitamin C and can help the body limit producing cortisol – a stressful hormone. Yellow bell pepper has the highest vitamin content (341 mg), the next one is red pepper (209 mg), and the last one is green pepper (132 mg).

2.    Juglans regia

Description: Juglans regia

Eat a moderate amount of Juglans regia every day will have positive effect on heart and control weight. The latest study of Barcelona University proves that nucleus like almond and hazelnut seeds can increase the concentration of serotonin – a hormone that makes the mood comfortable and happy. For the best effect, eat raw and do not peel them.

3.    Chickpea

Description: Chickpea

Half cup of chickpea supplies 141 mg of folate - a vitamin B which is essential to produce the Dopamine chemical compound in the brain to make your mind conscious.

4.    Avocado

Description: Avocado

It is a stress relief food that contains much vitamin B which is essential to produce serotonin. Besides, avocado also supplies plenty of potassium to reduce blood pressure.

5.    Sunflower seed

Description: Sunflower seed

When lacking magnesium, the body will reduce the rate of producing dopamine, which makes you feel tired. To get stable, you need to absorb 320 mg of mineral every day. Sunflower seed can be a choice for you. Each ounce of the seed can provide 91 mg of mineral for the body.

Article 2: Juice Up!

The latest studies prove that fresh fruit juice can bring much nutrition for your health

1.    Tart cherry

Description: Tart cherry

The latest study from the book called European Journal of Nutrition proves that drinking 1 ounce of tart cherry juice will make your sleep sounder and longer.

2.    Organic tomato

Description: Organic tomato

Drink a moderate amount of organic fruit will have positive effect for the body. Recent studies of Barcelona University indicates that drinking regularly nutritional organic tomato juice will help you increase the content of polyphenol – an anti-oxidization compound that can reduce the threat of cancer – better than other normal products from the farm.

3.    Cranberry

Description: Cranberry

The latest study of Worcester Polytechnic Institute proves that cranberry juice has more nutrition than pure cranberry (often used in clinic treatment method). Cranberry juice is effective in preventing the attack of bacteria causing urinary tract infection.

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