Life with your New Baby : 1st Week: Day 5 Baby blues

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Try to spend some time focusing on the needs of older children too and helping them to adapt to the new arrival.

Your baby today

If you had a cesarean and your baby is healthy, he’ll likely come home from the hospital with you today, after passing his final in-hospital pediatric exam. Make sure you have the correct car seat for him, and pack a blanket or two to keep him warm.

Giving older siblings attention and time avoids them feeling left out and helps them to accept the new arrival

Today, you might feel emotional and weepy, known as the “baby blues.” This is caused by hormonal changes and exacerbated by fatigue and a feeling of anti-climax after the build up to the birth. The baby blues last a day or so and with rest and emotional support you will start to feel better. If the feelings fail to subside after a few days, talk to your doctor since you may be suffering from postpartum depression. Your breasts will still feel tender and full today. Feeding your baby on demand will help relieve this. Feeling tired interferes with the “letdown” reflex , so it’s vital to rest or sleep in the day to make up for broken nights. It’s important to continue breast-feeding at night to prevent milk stagnation, which leads to problems such as abscesses and mastitis (breast inflammation) .

Your baby’s arrival is a major adjustment for an older child, but there are ways to help him welcome the baby. Give your older child a gift from the baby and encourage him to help with the baby’s care as is appropriate for his age. A two year old may want to touch the baby, hold his hand, and bring diaper and other things that are needed, while a five year old can hold the baby with support and sing to him.

Tips for coping

Coping strategies

Setting yourself some guidelines can help you cope with the added demands of twins or more.

  • Make time to be with your babies.

  • Prioritize activities ruthlessly, enlist practical help, and shop online.

  • Don’t bathe your babies daily unless you and they enjoy it.

  • Let visitors make their own coffee.

  • Consider using pacifiers if your twins cry a lot. This helps you attend to the twin most in need.

  • Make time for yourself every day.

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