Part of becoming a parent is learning to trust your own instincts, even if this sometimes means ignoring the advice of others.

Your baby today

Many babies have spots known as milia, or “milk spots.” These tiny whitish yellow spots appear on the face in the first two days and disappear by four weeks. Occasionally babies have spots resulting from the mother’s hormones that take longer to disappear.

There are many approaches to baby care, and once you have a baby you may find that everyone has a tip to offer. Although many of these suggestions are helpful, the advice can become a bit overwhelming and is often conflicting. One area where there is a great deal of advice is breast-feeding . If you are struggling with breast-feeding and wondering why it all seems so much harder than it looks, you may find that advice from professionals, friends, family, and books is increasingly unhelpful. It can help to take a step back, decide which of your friends or relatives has a similar approach to yours in other areas of life and pay most heed to their advice. Above all, have confidence in your own ability and trust your instincts, reminding yourself that there are many right ways to do things.

Your first trip to the supermarket

Some advance planning and management can help to take the stress out of a supermarket shop.

  • Giving your baby a good feeding before setting out may mean that he sleeps peacefully at the supermarket.

  • Supermarkets can be very cold, so dress your baby appropriately.

  • Check to see if your car seat clips onto a cart since this can make life easier. Otherwise, use the supermarket’s own cart with a baby seat or put your baby into a sling while you walk around the supermarket.

  • Make a shopping list before you go so that you don’t forget essentials if you’re distracted by your baby crying.

Baby massage

Babies love to be touched and massaging your baby can be a great way to bond with your baby. All you need is some olive oil (avoid nut or aromatherapy oils) and a towel on the floor or bed. Ensure the room is warm and that your baby isn’t hungry or too full. Undress your baby, rub some oil into your palms, and gently rub his tummy, limbs, fingers, and toes, watching his face to check that he is enjoying the massage. A baby massage class is a good way to make friends with other moms in your area.

Lay your baby on a soft towel and then use the tips of your fingers to gently stroke your baby’s head, avoiding the soft area, or fontanelles, at the top of the head.

With gentle downward strokes massage your baby’s chest and then use your fingertips to rub his tummy with outward circular strokes.

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