This winter, help comfort your family with a recipe of rituals that shows you care.

When a family member is feeling out of sorts, sometimes only a mother’s love and care can make it all better. And for generations of Australian mums, Butter-Menthol medicated lozenges have been relied upon to help comfort her family suffering from the first signs of cold symptoms.

Description: Mum’s Caring Traditions

Mum’s Caring Traditions

For your loved ones

During winter, the season for sore throats, sniffles and stuffy heads, a mother’s job of comforting and caring for her family becomes more vital than ever. And an important part of mum’s comfort recipe is the medicated relief of Butter-Menthol. Along with plenty of fluids, bed rest and TLC, sucking on lozenges such as Butter-Menthol can help to effectively relieve sore throats and stuffy noses. So whether you have a family member with a stuffy nose that needs clearing, or an uncomfortable sore throat, Butter-Menthol can help you take care of cold symptoms this winter.

Mum’s comfort recipe

The caring rituals that every mum relies on – her unique comfort recipe – draw on traditions passed down from one generation to the next. No two are quite the same, from wrapping them up on the couch with a bowl of your famous hot soup, to a gentle head massage, a hot water bottle and a reassuring hug for good measure, Butter-Menthol medicated lozenges are just one more way for mum to take care of sore throats and stuffy noses.

Description: try adding these ingredients to your comfort recipe

Try adding these ingredients to your comfort recipe

To help care for your family this winter, try adding these ingredients to your comfort recipe

Eat healthily

A sick family member will often lose their appetite, but it’s important that they eat plenty of fruit and veggies. Try a hearty winter soup – packed full of vitamin, it will make them feel warm and comforted because it’s been made with love.

Lots of hugs

The best thing you can do for your family is to let them know you care. If a cold has a loved one feeling under the weather, a mother’s hug can let the sunshine in. sometimes that’s all it takes to make them feel better.


To help replace any fluids that have been lost through sweating or having a runny nose, get them to drink plenty of fluids. Drinking water is a great way to help thin mucus and prevent de-hydration.

Wash hands

To help stop the spread of any bugs picked up from light switches and door handles, keep everyone’s hands washed regularly. It’s also important to keep cups, glasses and towels clean, as well as children’s toys and play areas.

Keep warm and rest up

Plenty of rest is what the doctor ordered! And to give sniffling loved ones extra incentive to lay low and recuperate, rent their favorite DVDs and wrap them up on the couch with a hot water bottle and lots of TLC.

Medicated lozenges

Medicated lozenges are great for relieving symptoms at the first signs of a winter cold. Butter-Menthol medicated lozenges provide effective relief from sore throats and stuffy noses. Each lozenge provides medicated relief with the added goodness of vitamin C.

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