People who have just become parents are haunted by the “content” of baby nappies, it is normal. With infants, it may be a thick, yellowish fecal matter each day to yellowish liquid flows with seeds after each feeding, according to Dr. David Hill, adjunct professor of pediatrics of the Medical University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Instructions for the first month of your baby




Gooey, blue-black like tar

From infant to one-week old


The baby stools the fecal matter of infant, things contained in the intestine while the baby was in uterus

Yellow, many particles, viscous

The 4th and 5th day and after that


Fecal matter of infant who is fed by mother’s milk can have a bright yellow; with baby who is fed milk powder, it can be lighter or thicker

Liquid or green

The food is moving too quickly through the intestine to solve digestive enzymes


Diarrhea can be caused by virus or can not tolerate lactose; please call your pediatrician

Hard particles

Fecal matter is in the baby’s intestine longer than usual


Hard fecal matter and red face are normal. Some doctors suggest drinking apple juice

Red or purple

Blood in stool or response with specific antibiotics


The cracked skin after birth can create an array or light red streak. If it has dark red color throughout from beginning to end, it may be a serious problem; please call the pediatrician

Clay color or whitish

Bile, which has been assisted by the liver to support digestion, did not do a good job.

Can indicate serious liver dysfunction; please call the pediatrician

Quick Decisions

Caused by irritation from the stool or urine, diaper rash is easily reduced with an anti-infective skin cream based on oil or zinc oxide (let dry the butt before spreads cream). If your baby gets rash because of diapers or wearing cloth diapers, let spread scream when changing diapers and use diapers as less as possible. If your baby has a rash, dyes or fragrances in diapers (or detergent used to wash cloth diapers) may irritate the skin, so try to change to use diapers without smell and dyes.

Description: Change to use diapers without smell and dyes.

Change to use diapers without smell and dyes.

According to professor of pediatrics David Hill, there are two situations you should call the pediatrician: a bright red rash on the skin folds, which can indicate a yeast infection and need anti-fungal cream, or the pains at bowel movement, it may due to staphylococcus infection, which is more terrible.

Things to do when diaper

Always use one hand to keep the baby, so that he/she can not roll out of the diaper changing table; the baby can reach this milestone sooner than you think.

If you have a girl, remember to wipe from front to back to prevent urinary infections.

If you have a boy, put a cloth diaper or towel on the “boy” during the diaper changing time, so that your baby will not pee on himself or you.

Description: Things to do when diaper

Things to do when diaper

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