The truth of eczema of children and the treatment will be revealed.

My baby is 2.5 months but he got eczema on his face. Now what should we do to prevent eczema from spreading and help him get well soon?

Eczema is a common disease in children. The cause of this disease hasn’t been determined exactly, but it is often seen in those who are easy to be allergic. In additional, if parents have asthma, urticarial, skin allergy, weather allergy…, children may be susceptible.

Initial sign is that there are erythematous plaques with blisters crusting and exfoliating in a skin area. The position is usually on the face and symmetrical on cheeks that may spread to the scalp, body and extremities...It is usually itchy, making your child uncomfortable, insomniac, cry and hard to be fed. Many kids cannot stand scratching constantly or rubbing head and face in the pillow to avoid being itchy, which causes broken blisters, bleeding skin, sometimes there is a bleeding skin area.

Generally, eczema in children will subside and be able to heal itself.

Description: Eczema is a common disease in children.

Eczema is a common disease in children.


Eczema easily recrudesces when the weather changes or children eat allergic ingredients. Therefore, they need caring and treating as follows:


Stay away from food allergies such as seafood, fermented food, eggs, peanuts...

Cleaning your baby

Description: Cleaning your baby

Cleaning your baby

o   Keep your baby carefully to protect your body from spreading and infection. When bathing the baby, avoid soaking him too long in soap. Bathing by warm water will reduce itching.

o   Select clothes by natural fibers instead of chemical ones because they will hurt sensitive skin of your babies.

o   Wear gloves for your baby to prevent them from scratching that makes them bleed and infected; keep environment cool and avoid sudden changes of temperature and wet sweat of your children.

Using medicine

o   When it has papules or discharge pus, you can apply color liquid drugs which are light antiseptic such as: Milian, Eosin…

o   When the skin is dry, red and exfoliated, you can use creams with low concentration of corticosteroid such as Eumvat in short term (7 – 10 days)

o   When the skin is dry and there are many hair follicles, you can use salve containing corticosteroid or combine with eliminating follicle ingredient like salicylic acid.

o   Not recommended immunization for your baby, especially when smallpox vaccination can cause pustule diseases as chickenpox. At this time, children may have high fever, papules, blisters, etc…

o   Do not use high dose of antibiotics to treat eczema, unless in case of multiple infections but you must be careful as it is likely to cause anaphylaxis due to drugs.

The best way is taking our baby to the doctor to get appropriate advice. Particularly, avoid buying drugs for children without doctors’ recommendation. In fact, there were some mothers buying medicine on their own initiative, including corticosteroid. Applying it for a long time may cause side effects such as fungal infection, skin atrophy, loss of skin color. In addition, corticosteroid can also lead to infection and make eczema spread widely and more severely. Using drugs in long term may cause adrenal weakness.

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