Autism has gradually increased and its cause has been a mystery.

There are some signals helping you recognize as followed:

The early signals of an autistic child

A psychological PhD, Manager of Center of Children and Child Psychology Disease Research, who has had many studies of this disease, indicates a lot of differences between a normal child and an autistic child.

An autistic child has no eye communication like a normal child. Children don’t smile in funny situations. Children don’t stay with their parents when being panic, but usually suffer it themselves instead. Not only is their language slow but it is also variant - children call themselves the third person or use pronouns wrongly… in many entertaining activities. They often play alone with nonsense games. They like to spin, bounce their arms and go by their toes.

Description: Autism has increased and no one has found its cause.

Autism has increased and no one has found its cause.

Autistic children may have manifested very early, but many parents don’t pay attention to that. There are some simple ways to recognize autism. For example, you should look at your children’s smile in their early years, their expression or non-verbal gestures. All are connected with their parents. If your children lose these interactions, you should take them to meet pediatrician or psychiatrist to be counseled more.

Balanced diet

For autistic children, you had better provide them with clean and much organic diets such as many kinds of fish, vegetables, and fruits. However, the diets must have a certain limitations because of their weak nutritional absorbency or digestive matters. All foods are rich in gluten such as barley, wheat, and all of their finished products, which are in form of bread or flour, are not good for your children.

Build a suitable environment for your children

As you know, autistic children have difficulty in processing accurately information gathered and what is happening around. For instance, if children are sensitive to hearing, they will scream out in public. So, the best you think why your children behave such that instead of reproaching them for being spoilt or shy. When you understand that well, you should take your child into a more quite room to avoid unnecessary noises.

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