Thai chicken salad with peanuts and ginger, Char siu chicken with salad

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Thai chicken salad with peanuts and ginger

Description: Thai chicken salad with peanuts and ginger

Any leftovers will be delicious for lunch the next day, when the flavours have the chance to really infuse together

Easy/Prepare ahead. Prep: 30 mins. Serves 4


·         3 large carrots

·         1 large cucumber

·         ½ white cabbage, shredded

·         2 little gem lettuces, shredded

·         ½ red onion, very finely sliced

·         3 cooked chicken breasts or equivalent weight of turkey, shredded

·         100g (4oz) peanuts, toasted large handful coriander leaves


·         2tbsp Thai fish sauce

·         2tbsp sweet chilli sauce

·         2tbsp rice vinegar

·         2tsp grated ginger juice 1 lime, plus extra wedges, to serve


1.    To make the salad, peel the carrots and cucumber with a ribbon peeler, then drag it lengthways to make long ribbons of the flesh. Stop when you get to the lighter centre of the carrots, and the seeds of the cucumber. Toss the ribbons with the white cabbage, little gem, red onion and chicken.

2.    To make the dressing, mix all the ingredients together, then pour this over the salad. Toss through most of the peanuts and most of the coriander. TO SERVE, place in bowls with the remaining peanuts and coriander scattered over, and lime wedges on the side.

Per serving: 400 calories, 16g fat (3.5g saturated), 19g carbohydrate

Make it healthy

This salad will also work really well with some lightly toasted cashews – they’re lower in fat than peanuts.

Char siu chicken with salad

Description: Char siu chicken with salad

This delicious marinade makes a sticky, spicy sauce, which is perfect with the refreshing salad.

Easy/Prepare ahead. Prep: 10 mins. Cook: 30 mins, plus marinating. Serves 2


·         1tbsp each soy sauce, clear honey and rice vinegar

·         2tbsp hoisin sauce

·         1 star anise

·         1tbsp Thai fish sauce

·         1 garlic clove, crushed

·         2 free-range whole chicken legs lime wedges and egg-fried rice, to serve

Fort the salad

·         15cm (6in) piece daikon (also known as white radish or mooli)

·         2 carrots

·         200g (7oz) radishes, finely sliced

·         3tbsp very finely chopped chives

·         3tbsp rice vinegar

·         ½tsp sugar


1.    To make the marinade, mix the soy, honey, vinegar, hoisin, star anise, fish sauce and garlic together and coat the chicken in the mixture. Marinate for at least 30 minutes, or overnight. To cook, heat the oven to 200C, 180C fan, 400F, gas 6. Place the chicken breasts in a roasting tin double lined with oiled foil, and roast for 30 minutes, until the sauce is sticky and blackened.

2.    To make the salad, using a vegetable peeler, peel the skin from the daikon and use it to make ribbons of the flesh, stopping when you get to the harder centre. Repeat with the carrots, then toss both through with the radishes, chives, vinegar and sugar, and season with salt. TO SERVE, serve the chicken legs with the salad, ready-made egg-fried rice and lime wedges on the side.

Per serving: 251 calories, 4g fat (1g saturated), 21g carbohydrate

Make it easy

You’ll find daikon in ethnic shops, on Ocado.com or from selected supermarkets. If you can’t get any, double the amount of carrots.

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