Too busy to cook balanced, nutritious dinners every night? We’ve rounded up the best diet and detox meals-on-wheels

1.    Raw fairies - Best for: Weight-loss

Description: Raw fairies - Best for: Weight-loss

The unique meal delivery service from Raw Fairies is for those completely committed to a serious diet shake-up, or fans of the raw-food movement. Gourmet raw food chef Anya Ladra and her team create a daily menu of innovative, botanical cuisine made from raw and living organic plant foods. The meals are devised using special processes such as soaking, sprouting and dehydrating. The taste is, admittedly, an acquired one (getting accustomed to cold food is definitely a challenge) but the meals are surprisingly filling and the results incredible. Though the diet aids energy levels and hormone imbalance, the rapid weight loss (and low day commitment, starting from three days) makes it perfect for brides counting down to their big day. From $33.75 a day, rawfairies.com

2.    Nosh detox - Best for: Tailor-made packages

Description: Nosh detox - Best for: Tailor-made packages

Rather than a simple agenda to lose weight, Nosh Detox Delivery offer the whole package. Their unique service is based on founder Geeta Sidhu-Robb’s personal experience and food issues. Once a corporate lawyer, Sidhu-Robb’s life took a dramatic turn when her baby son developed multiple food allergies and anaphylaxis, spending much of his first 18 months in hospital. Sidhu-Robb developed her own solutions using nutritious, balanced meals and alternative therapies and even qualified as a healer and Medical Intuitive. This resulted in the creation of Nosh Detox Delivery, which profiles clients health issues and delivers a bespoke, nutritional programme to their home or office. So far, Nosh are the only company in the world to provide such a service. Now that’s pretty special. For prices see and information see noshdetox.com

3.    Purifyne alkaline cleanse - Best for: Detoxing

Description: Purifyne alkaline cleanse - Best for: Detoxing

It was quite a surprise to open our first Purifyne Detox bag to uncover - amongst the many bottles of juices and soups - a loofah, a whole host of supplements and a pH level strip. The Alkaline Cleanse diet goes beyond regular weight loss and looks to redress acidic imbalance in the body caused by external factors such as caffeine, sugar, pollutants and stress. The chlorophyll-enhanced juices, though a rather off-putting shade of ‘swampy green’, are essential to lower acidity and balance pH. The range of vegetable juices and supplements, plus a helpful daily tips email, makes the service (which ranges from 3 - 14 days) an invaluable tool in a total health re-evaluation. Prices start from $352.5, purifyne.com

4.    The pure package - Best for: Busy lifestyles

Description: the Pure Package

Celebrity favourite the Pure Package supplies delicious, freshly-prepared meals direct to your door. The award-winning programmes vary according to client requirement; from standard ‘weight loss’ to ‘healthy skin & ageing’, ‘training support’ and even ‘pre & post baby’. No fuss and no gimmicks, the Pure Package was derived from founder Jennifer Irvine’s experience growing up in rural Ireland with an abundance of fresh food and produce at her disposal. The meals are a lifesaver for those bound by busy work schedules and this is one of the easier diet plans to follow on the market. Prices from $599.5, purepackage.com

5.    Detox kitchen - Best for: Satisfying meals

Description: So warm and comforting, you'd never believe this meal is detox-friendly

The word ‘detox’ can strike fear into the heart of even the most devoted of dieters. The meals created by Detox Kitchen, however, are genuinely satisfying and tasty and won’t leave you craving stodgy dinners or sugary snacks. The diet box, which arrives every morning, provides three meals, supplements, herbal tea, snacks and a shot of wheatgrass (the least appealing of the lot). The whole kit is created by a team of nutritionists, holistic chefs and detox experts and avoids toxic ingredients such as red meat, sugar, artificial additives and dairy, so you’re safe in the knowledge that everything provided is the best for your health.

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