Riccardo Tisci Speaks on Casting Julia Roberts for Givenchy Campaign

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Givenchy fashion designer Riccardo Tisci has opened up on casting actress Julia Roberts in the fashion house's latest Spring/Summer 2015 campaign. Tisci has explained that he reached out to Julia because he felt she perfectly embodied his latest collection, and he wanted to use a powerful, confident woman in the new images. He commented that he was very surprised when she said yes because she rarely does campaigns: "The first time Julia contacted me to work with me was for the red carpet and she wanted my tuxedo. I thought it would be amazing [to get her] for the campaign. I respect her a lot as a beauty and as a woman. She’s a very intelligent girl. And a very funny girl. Super-funny. And very confident of herself, which is very much my woman, you know like Marina [Abramovic], Mariacarla [Boscono]. I thought it would be difficult because Julia really doesn’t do [campaigns], so I was surprised that she said yes."

Riccardo added that he wanted to have a balance in the new images - between sexiness and also a sense of androgyny. He felt Julia perfectly captured this idea while also being a big iconic face. He believes the campaign is one of the most "honest" yet by the label: "I wanted it to be an honest collection, true to myself and true to Givenchy, of course, but more to myself. It was a very pure message. Very black and white. A powerful woman, with sex appeal but at the same time with masculinity, which is my style. And I wanted an honest campaign. Every house has a show—you sell that, of course, but you do have in the shop what are your icons. I always start from my icons."

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