Apple’s Smart Watch is Practical and Stylish for Women

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Top model Christy Turlington Burns is using her Apple Watch to keep fit. The model is the new spokesperson for the watch and has set out to show that the piece of wearable technology can be both stylish and functional. Christy has been using the new watch to train and has also noticed how stylish and effortless it is to use. The model commented that she often uses it to send emojis to her husband and loves how swift and simple it is. She commented that she feels "chic" using it and she believes people are surprised by the product: "I can send him some… Emojis… that I have on this, and he can get them on his device without having the watch, so – you know – I can send him hearts, etc. It’s so chic, honestly. And when you kind of move with it everyone’s like… What is that? Where did you get that?"

Speaking on using the watch to train, Christy says she has found it so useful to stay on track and figure out her progress, just by looking at the watch's face while working out: "So, I do the time, my schedule, temperature… There’s my loops. [Burns points to each of the customised sections on her chosen Apple Watch face]. I’m a sort of a really low-tech person … honestly, and I’ve found it to be so useful… it’s like a running companion more than anything. I mean, now I’m almost motivated to do different types of runs, to do loops… to just kinda’ play with it."

Meanwhile, Apple's new release and the fashion world are colliding, with the company inviting fashion's elite such as Karl Lagerfeld and model Karlie Kloss to a special presentation of the watch at Parisian boutique Colette.  Editor of Style.com, Nicole Phelps, was in attendance at the event and believes the watch could be the next big style statement. She said:  “The fashion industry is 100 percent in love with iPhone. The Apple Watch looks like an Apple product, it looks good and sleek, and you have the market behind it.”

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