Calvin Klein Designer Francisco Costa on Dressing Lupita Nyong’o

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Calvin Klein head designer Francisco Costa has opened up on dressing Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o. Costa reveals that when he's dressing anyone famous, he often sends each person around 5 different looks for them to select from, and then their stylists will help the celebrity select what fits them right and works best for the event that they're going to. He explained: "Listen, I send out five options. Sometimes they may fit, sometimes they may not. Most of the time [with Lupita], I have been in the fittings. Yeah, I’m definitely in there as much as I can. You know, we talk. They always have something to say. Their agents have something to say, their stylists have something to say. We have something to say."

Commenting on what he would send to Lupita that he wouldn't typically send to other actresses, Costa says he tries to think about highlighting her beauty and figure: "I don’t know. I just find that she’s so eclectic, you know? I mean, she kind of like has all this beauty about her. She’s athletic, her body’s ridiculous. So the first time I dressed her, I really wanted to make a statement, you know, and put her in something that accentuates that. She’s heaven."

Lupita gained a lot of attention for wearing a statement Prada look to the MET Gala 2014 and not all critics loved the look. However, Costa thinks the actress was brave to try something fresh and original on the red carpet: "I think it’s fantastic that she did that. You know what it is? Because we get used to some sort of thing, you know? And then the mind stops thinking that there’s life somewhere else. It’s fun, why not? Let’s have fun! And it’s also very much in tune with what Miuccia’s doing, because Miuccia’s having so much fun lately. I think she’s great. I probably wouldn’t dress her like that because it’s not my aesthetic, but I think she’s fantastic. I think she can pull off anything she wants."

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