Fashion Designers Excited to Work on ‘Zoolander 2’ Wardrobe

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Zoolander is back for a sequel and the entire fashion industry is excited - which was palpable from the moment the film's two main characters, played by actors Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, hit the catwalk during the recent Valentino show during Paris Fashion Week. This bold move has set the tone for what is to come, and according to the film's costume designer, Leesa Evans, many other luxurious labels are keen to lend a hand creating the wardrobe for the film. She commented that many different designers want to get involved: "We’ve had a lot of great collaborations, so yes, we probably have more fashion in this film, because people have been really interested to get involved. We have great designers on every level, whether it’s Saint Laurent, Kenzo or Opening Ceremony, they’re all excited to be involved."

Leesa adds that the entire point of the film is to simply have fun and remember that not everything has to be serious, even in the fashion industry. She believes it's healthy to laugh and says that the film will also celebrate the beauty of fashion and the amazing work designers put into pieces: "The movie is a comedy and fashion is a character in the film. That’s what was so brilliant about the first movie, they played with the fashion. It’s different this time, because we are celebrating couture and runway looks maybe a little bit more, because there is so much about fashion that is so beautiful and so much that is so provocative. It’s also healthy to have a bit of a laugh at ourselves."

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