Jennifer Lopez Gushes About “Out of This World” Atelier Versace Collection

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Jennifer Lopez has praised Italian fashion house Versace for creating amazing pieces. Jennifer made an appearance at the Couture Fashion Week in Paris recently to view the latest Autumn/Winter 2014 Atelier Versace collection and she complimented the fashion house's designer Donatella Versace for dreaming up something "out of this world". She says she is a huge fan of the label and has a long history working with the company, revealing that she thinks they know her best when it comes to fashion. Jennifer spoke about the label: ''They did every single look and it was just out of this world. You know, I have a long history with Donatella, obviously, with Versace, and I don't know, it's always one of my go-tos because they know my body. Luigi [Massi], their designer, just knows everything about me. It's just one of those things when you have chemistry with somebody.''

Speaking on what she likes to wear on stage, Jennifer says that it's important to get her outfit just right, because it has to look amazing but also work well with her routines. She says there is so much to consider when selecting a design to wear during a performance and it can be a difficult decision, but she believes Versace understand her and what she does well: ''When you're onstage, there's so much that goes into it. You have to be able to move, it has to be beautiful but it has to be functional as well, and not everybody can do that.''

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