Jeremy Scott on His Design Success & Ignoring Fashion Critics

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American fashion designer Jeremy Scott, who now designs for Italian fashion house Moschino as well as his own label, has spoken on his success as a designer. Jeremy comments that people often stop him in the street and he finds it very flattering to be recognised by those who like his work. The designer admits that having fans makes him feel very honoured: "I'm often recognised and stopped by fans. And I like that. It means that my work is communicating with them, touching them, making a difference. I take it very seriously. I'm flattered, touched and honoured. To me, it's the ultimate sign of success."

Jeremy is often criticized for his fun-filled work, but he thinks those who pick on him are just afraid of his sense of humour and aren't willing to see the light side of fashion: "I honestly really don't [care]. I'm used to it. I'm an easy target. You know, if there's humour there, it's got to be frivolous. People get really uncomfortable with humour in fashion. I don't know why."

Jeremy adds that he doesn't intend to provoke negative reactions but believes it's just a part of his strong message and he instead hopes to just make people smile with his work: "I guess I must do, because I want to communicate. But I don't think of it as provoking people to shake them up and shock them, as much as to just get a message across. Fashion for me is a way of communicating. It's my voice, so, yes, I do want to provoke - hopefully provoke them to smile."

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