Katie Grand Impressed & Fascinated by Model Kendall Jenner

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Marc Jacobs creative director and Love magazine editor, Katie Grand, has spoken on working with reality star turned model Kendall Jenner. Katie reveals that she has been amazed by Kendall's transformation as she has become well known in the fashion industry, and she thinks the model has kept her most positive traits since becoming more famous too: "I've worked with Kendall for a year now. It's been fascinating to see the transformation from the shy teenager sitting in the Marc Jacobs reception to the supermodel she is today. She's still the same, punctual, friendly, hardworking girl - just much, much more famous within the fashion world."

Katie also explains that when Kendall visited to be fitted for the Autumn/Winter 2015 show, they had to make every effort to keep it private because the paparazzi were so insistent on trying to get photographs. She says that she has never experienced something on that scale before: "This season, at Marc, we had to make sure her fitting was done in a room with blinds, as the paparazzi had camped out on the roof opposite the studio to try and get a shot of her. In all my years being a stylist and working with the likes of Kate and Naomi, I have never known the paps to try and get a shot of a fitting with a long lens from across the street."

Grand adds that she believes Kendall was perfect for the recent Marc Jacobs show because she fit the look perfectly: "We work with her at Marc because she looks great, she looks good in the clothes, and she is sophisticated and chic. Her very dark lip and dark hair looked so striking against the yellow of her pretty yellow floral dress."

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