Our Green & Ethical Selection (Part 2) - Studio JUX, Kaethe Maerz, L‘Herbe Rouge, Younica

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Studio JUX = Design + Eco + Fair

Description: With studio JUX, you can look good and do good

With studio JUX, you can look good and do good

Wouldn’t you say that fashion should be fun for you, the designer and the tailor? Well, we definitely agree! That’s why we named our designer brand from Amsterdam studio JUX, since ‘jux’ is a German word for fun.

The tailors at our factory in developing country Nepal are our rockstars. You can meet them at studiojux.com/handshake. They translate our Dutch Design and sustainable materials – like recycled coke bottles, wood pulp looking like silk and leftover salmon leather – into beautiful pieces for your wardrobe. To make sure green fashion is here to stay, we keep on expanding our international shop network of over fifty stores (there are five boutiques right around the corner!). With studio JUX, you can look good and do good.

Kaethe Maerz

Description: Each garment has an original name which is part of a story

Each garment has an original name which is part of a story

Founded in 2009, Kaethe Maerz is a clear, confident brand with touches of fantastic, futuristic, medieval and forgotten worlds. The Düsseldorf designer label stands for progressive design, durability, convenience and discrete new color shades and combinations. The clothing is produced exclusively in German from natural, certified, high-quality materials. Each garment has an original name which is part of a story. However, it always leaves room for your own personal interpretation. With each wearing the material becomes softer and takes on a personal uniqueness for each garment.

The 2013 Spring/Summer Collection is clear, concrete and remains very feminine down to earth, confident and true to the Kaethe Maerz signature style. The brand’s creed has always been customized, durable clothing. “Whoever wears my clothing emphasizes their attitude towards life, an expression of self-confidence and extravagance while remaining down to earth,” says the designer.

L‘Herbe Rouge

L’Herbe Rouge creates an urban and poetic fashion with contemporary design where the real aesthetic combines, beauty, quality, ethics and ecology with fair and accessible prices. The innovative materials are from organic farming, recycling or from materials that have measured eco qualities. Treatments and ecological components are respectful of nature and manufactured according to standards of fair trade.

Description: L‘Herbe Rouge

L‘Herbe Rouge

L’Herbe Rouge created in Paris claims a new multicultural and multigenerational lifestyle in phase with present and future challenges for a greater respect of humans and nature.

Younica – Loves Life Reflected In Beauty And Believes In Change By Design

Younica is a fashion and jewellery label based in the Netherlands and Peru. The label creates unique knitwear and jewellery collections that combine the rich traditional craftsmanship and finest materials of Latin America with an original modern style. The result is extraordinary products, designed with love and made to empower. Younica cooperates directly with Peruvian artisans, partnering their ancient cultural legacy with their fresh creative vision.

Description: Each product is handmade from exquisite 100% alpaca.

Each product is handmade from exquisite 100% alpaca.

At the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin Younica shows three jewellery collections: Spark, Crochet and Lucky as well as the knitwear accessories collection AW 2012. The jewellery collection is handmade and inspired by various natural materials: Peru’s pure silver, unusual gemstones, and tropical seeds. The knitwear collection by Younica is made of timeless forms, pure materials and a spirited and unique style. Each product is handmade from exquisite 100% alpaca.

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