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You’ve got 5 minutes! It’s a hot day and you want something quick and easy to slip on. This graphic print skirt is great, just grab a simple tee, a light cotton jacket and you’ll look like it took all morning to put it together

Description: Topshop cherry blossom skirt

Topshop cherry blossom skirt (us.topshop.com sale $35 was $68)

Serious business

It’s a busy day ahead and you have a major presentation to sell. To make a strong visual impact and get people’s attention, Zebra print is the answer, it’s classic but still trendy, and it always looks fierce.

Description: Oasis zebra print skirt

Oasis zebra print skirt (oasis.andotherbrands.com $44)

All work & a little play

A skirt for work and drinks with the girls after is an absolute essential. You can still look professional, with a light touch of edginess to carry forward after hours. This blue animal print peplum skirt will do the trick nicely.

Description: Closet high waist print peplum skirt

Closet high waist print peplum skirt (us.dorothyperkins.com $57)

Weekend away

The plans are simple. Spend the day sampling local food, visit the quaint boutiques and say a few polite “Hello’s!” to the locals. After a weekend of shopping and dining, take a champagne brunch in this pretty striped lantern skirt and enjoy your break away.

Description: Topshop striped lantern skirt

Topshop striped lantern skirt (us.topshop.com $76)

Walk in the Park

A stroll through the park on a hot summer’s day is great for a some people watching. It’s even better when you run into a friend, stop for a chat and grab a coffee. This dreamy sheer layered asymmetric skirt is ideal for both.

Description: Monsoon Aztec skirt

Monsoon Aztec skirt (us.monsoon.com $74)

Perfect party piece

You just bought this cute sparkly top that looks fabulous, so what do you wear with it? Jeans? No! Instead, this is the perfect little number to take you from the pub to the club or dinner to dancing.

Description: Dorothy perkins sheer black dip hem skirt

Dorothy perkins sheer black dip hem skirt (us.dorothyperkins.com $45)


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