Up Your Cardio Intensity

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Incorporate these four tips to get more out of every swear session.

Description: Up your cardio intensity

Up your cardio intensity

Whether you’re running, swimming, hopping on a bike, or taking a cardio class, try these ideas. They’ll help you get more out of your heart-pumping sessions and improve your slim-down efforts.

1.    Include sprinting intervals

By alternating between a few minutes at a moderate pace and throwing in burst at a faster pace, you’ll burn more kilojoules, build endurance, and become faster and stronger. Not to mention, intervals are also proven to reduce belly fat, says biokineticist Kim Woolrich, of the Sports Science Institute of SA.

2.    Use those arms

Many forms of cardio are all about the legs, so when possible, maximize your cardio time by focusing on working your arms as well. “Try boxing or even air punching while jogging on the spot or use your pull buoy when swimming,” says Woolrich.

3.    Lengthen the duration of your workout

Most cardio workouts last between 30 to 45 minutes, so burn more kilojoules by pushing yourself a little longer. Depending on your workout, you can burn an added 150 – 400kJ by adding five minutes to your session.

4.    Incorporate strength training

The main focus of cardio workouts is to burn kilojoules through high-intensity movement, but you can also use this time to strengthen your muscles.

To target the legs and bum, incorporate inclines on your runs, bike rides, and hikes. When in the pool, use the resistance of the water to tone your muscles by using flippers and paddles, advises Woolrich.

On the safe side

·         Safety is a hot topic, so we’re thrilled to introduce SAFE ID. It’s an identification bracelet that speaks for you when you can’t – and could save your life. The bracelet is linked to an online profile detailing emergency contact details and your medical history. It’s designed for everyone – runners, cyclists, swimmers and especially for kids.

·         Available from Sportsmans Warehous stores. For info, se safe-id.co.za

Take a hike

Hiking is a fun way to connect with nature and get great cardio exercise. But the right gear is important to keep you warm and safe. Check out this new range of jackets:

1.    K-Way has released a new range of outdoor gear. We love this 3-in-1 jacket with a removable soft-shell inner. It’s waterproof, lined with mesh for better ventilation and has an adjustable, removable hood. Cape Union Mart; from R1 799.

Description: 3-in-1 jacket

3-in-1 jacket

2.    Hi-Tec’s Storm 3-in-1 has a waterproof outer shell with a removable zip-in fleece jacket. It features an adjustable hood, zippered hand warmer pockets, and adjustable hem. Due South and Outdoor Warehouse; from R1 099.

Description: http://www.kway.co.za/FileAssets/Commerce/372/0/LR_K-Way_Ws_Vesta_Jkt_Ice_Blue_-_106899_001.TIF%5b1%5d.jpg

Removable zip-in fleece jacket

3.    K-Way Brenta goose-down jacket with water-resistant coating and windproof shell features an adjustable hem and cuffs. The down keeps you warm and helps minimize odours. Cape Union Mart; from R1 599.

Description:  Goose-down jacket

Goose-down jacket

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