With music festival season just around the corner, here are 5 beauty essentials to pack in your bag before you head off to enjoy your favourite bands in the sun. These quick and easy to use products will keep you feeling fresh and protect you from sun damage throughout the day as you relax and enjoy the atmosphere.


1.      Deodorant

With limited access to shower facilities, a great deodorant is the only way to go when it comes to fighting that sticky feeling. Roll some of when you feel you need it during the day – pick a light and natural product that has a fresh finish.



2.      A Compact Toothbrush

After you indulge in sweet treats or any of the other fun food available at festivals, chances are you’ll be dying to brush your teeth and freshen your breath. Compact toothbrushes can easily slot in to the tinest of bags and are easy to use even with just a little water so brushing your teeth is easy.



3.      Sunscreen

If you’ll be roaming around in the sun all day, make sure you apply sunscreen all over and top it up during the day to prevent sun damage and sun burn. Don’t forget sensitive areas such as your scalp and nose – they burn easier than other areas.



4.      Dry Shampoo

After a long day at a festival, you might want to give your hair a quick clean up – a dry shampoo is essential when you don’t get the chance to shower. Just spray on to hair and brush through to get that bounce back.



5.      Wipes

Wipes are the most important essential – not only can you quickly cleanse your skin, but you can also clean hands, your body and even stained clothes. A packet of wipes is a must for any festival and you’ll find yourself using them for so many reasons to stay clean.

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