We all have those days where we are in a major rush and don’t have as much time as we’d like to freshen up, fix makeup or clean up as regularly as we’d like. With these 5 simple tips, you can quickly refresh your skin, makeup and beauty look to make you feel better. These quick fixes will last until you finally get the chance to relax!



1.      Perfume

A fresh floral scent will instantly make you feel and smell fresh – track down a light perfume or deodrant to spray on when you need a quick fresh boost and you’ll instantly notice the difference.



2.      Eye Drops

Sooth irritated or red eyes with eye drops – there are products on the market to give your eyes a whiter look so you can easily cover up those tired peepers and no one will know the difference!


3.      Refreshing Wipes

When on the go and lacking time to freshen up regularly, there is one top essential to never leave home without – refreshing wipes. Use on your face to quickly cleanse or remove patchy makeup, or freshen up under your arms and any other areas if you are really stuck for time and need to have a makeshift shower. Wipes have so many uses and you’ll be glad you’ve thrown them in to your bag.



4.      Hydrating Moisturizing Mist

A hydrating facial mist feels amazing on tired, overheated or dried out skin – if your stuck commuting all day long or just haven’t had the chance to pause for a break, simply spritz this on anywhere and your skin will be given a moisture boost and you also feel refreshed.


5.      Compact Powder

Clean up your complexion with compact powder – cover up oily or sweaty areas that have built up while you’ve been too busy to retouch. To create a quick concealer, load up a brush or sponge with more product and use it on any areas that need more attention.

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