Pineapple is renowned as a plentiful source of vitamins and has function of natural prevention from aging for women.

Description: Beauty with pineapple

Beauty with pineapple

Pineapple has origin from Middle and South America. With high content of organic acids (malic acid and citric acid), pineapple is an abundant source of manganese, as well as antioxidants, vitamin A and C. As a friendly fruit with human’s health, pineapple has a long history of folk medicine including treating diseases and beautifying skin. It assists to supplement alpha – hydroxyl acid – an important component in kinds of skin cream for preventing wrinkle, removing dead cells and recreating skin cells. Pineapple is considered as a beautifying method that is natural, simple, but very effective.

Pineapple’s ingredient consists of bromelain which functions in anti-swell and anti-inflammation; moreover, it also hydrolyzes protein to amino acids, and has effect on improving digestive operation and resistance of the body.

Enzymes in pineapple are useful for treating injuries on skin or chiliasm. According to the research from Health Center of Maryland University, mask made from crushed pineapple helps to excite exchange of enzyme in the skin. Bromelain from pineapple assists to remove dead skin cells, decrease chloasma and melasma.

Pineapple is a plentiful source of vitamin C

Vitamin C from pineapple brings surprising benefits for skin by antioxidant effect, and protects your body basing on resistant increase by free radicals. A research published recently on website of Dermatology Institution New Zealand, DermNet NZ has showed that kinds of body lotion containing vitamin C can protect the skin against aging by sunlight, and reduce wrinkles.

Adding frequently pineapple and other vegetables in your daily diet is considered as skin cream and anti-wrinkle cream which are cheap but give the best effect for your skin.

Relax and improve dried and callous skin

Description: Natural ingredients in pineapple and medical herbs will soften callosities.

Natural ingredients in pineapple mixed with medical herbs will soften callosities.

Pineapple is operative on removing dead cells due to ingredients of alpha acid – hydroxyl. Mask made from fresh pineapple, peppermint, and other medical herbs brings feel of cool, gentleness and relaxation to the skin, especially foot skin – a part which sustains pressure of the whole body. You rub this mixture on your feet, wait for about 10 minutes, and then massage all heel of foot. Natural ingredients in pineapple mixed with medical herbs will soften callosities.

Maintain and use pineapple

Vitamin C in pineapple will lose gradually when contacts with oxygen, so if maintaining in refrigerator. You should put them into closed bottle. When pineapple is peeled or cut, safe time for maintaining in refrigerator is 3 days if it is covered carefully from air and smell.

Although pineapple has many helpful usages, some people are allergic with them. As any other beautifying products, mask made from pineapple is also able to promote a reaction for sensitive skin, so do not use pineapple for swelling skin, and rash skin. If having any unusual signals, you should have an appointment with doctor in order to find out the reason and be instructed best.

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