Step 5: Protect skin

Description: Protect skin

We have to admit that activities under the sun will benefit psychologically and physically. It stimulates hormones that make you feel good and produce vitamin D. We can hardly live without sunlight.

However, UV rays can damage our skin if it is not protected frequently, here are recommendations about damaging effects of UV rays:

“90% cases of skin cancer result from UV rays from sunlight. There are approximate 2 million American who are diagnosed with this deadly disease every year. In Australia, this figure is alarming with 3.3% of women and 5% of men who will live with melanoma on skin. This is also the continent with the largest skin cancer rate.

We usually meet 2 types of UV. UVA radiation contains 95% of solar radiation and accelerates the aging process. They penetrate into skin epidermis, destroy cells and collagen, form wrinkles, cause uneven skin color and reduce elasticity. They compose of seeds of skin cancer and the formation of malignant tumors.

The second type is UVB rays which are stronger in summer and affect seriously to epidermis, consequently, the skin is tanned or burned. This matter can lead to skin cancer and decrease tumors, especially in New Zealand where ozone layer is holed and unable to prevent UVB rays.

Some tips to defend skin from UVA and UVB rays:

Description: L’Oreal scientist, Dr Dominique Moyal specialises in research on UV rays and sunscreen efficacy

L’Oreal scientist, Dr Dominique Moyal specialises in research on UV rays and sunscreen efficacy

·         Avoid sunlight from 11am to 4pm, or use sunscreen with high intensity which is tested to decrease impact of cancers. Furthermore, you can use sunlight protection accessories such as hats, shades, thin and well-aired clothes.

·         Remember to use sunscreen with high intensity to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. Don’t just notice to SPF on the cover because they are only figures for UVB, and if there’s only that number, it will not enough to keep your skin.

·         Apply sunscreen to your face, neck and arms every day.

·         Use sunscreen regularly, especially before and after swimming or playing underwater activities because your body will absorb UV rays double times when you are under water.

·         Regardless of the dark tone of your skin, it’s still in risk of being tanned and skin cancer. It you absorbed UV rays and got tanned since you were kids, you will have higher cancer risks.

·         In days of burning sun, you need to stay at home to protect your body from harmful effects of UV rays. Please notice with UVA rays because they can penetrate through clouds and glass and affect you indoor or outdoor.

Some tips for makeup in summer days:

Description: Some tips for makeup in summer days

·         Avoid cosmetics with harmful additives and artificial chemicals. They will make your skin aging rapidly. Ingredients you should avoid are: sodium laureate sulphate formaldehyde, parabens, mineral oils and aromatherapy. 

·         Use cosmetic to prevent your skin from impact of polluted dust.

·         Using skin mask 1-2 times per week will help your skin look fresh and you will feel good as well.

·         Use cosmetic from qualified mineral to have healthy tanned skin but it’s also protect your skin completely from effects of sunlight. Notice that use dye chemical with natural sunscreen indicator,

·         Use light foundation along with deodorant and some moisturizing cream.

·         Draw eyes with dark colors to have natural and charming eyes, or you can try bright or neutral colors. Foundation is preferred because they are less adhesive than cream, and don’t forget use some brown mascara to make your eyes livelier.

·         Fill lips with sweet colors like pink, nude, peach or lip gloss with colors.  Fill lips with the lip color like sweet pink, nude color, color or type of peach-colored lipstick.

·         Keep hands and feet in hot summer days; take care of your nail by nail tonics which are rich in protein, soak your feet every day to keep moisture and decorate your nails with shapes and strange colors such as dark pink or blue.
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