Skinwise - Completely Defend Your Perfect Skin (Part 1) : Exfoliating & Moisturizer cosmetic

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After freezing winter, summer sunshine comes to hurry us to go out and enjoy interesting outdoor activities. However, don’t forget to protect your skin – an important part stretching all your body – from effects of humidity, temperature, air-conditioner and the most is severe sunlight.

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There are fundamental steps you need to follow to completely protect your perfect skin

There are fundamental steps you need to follow to completely defend your perfect skin.

Step 1: Cleanser

In summer days, your skin often secretes oil because temperature and humidity in the air are quite high. Therefore, to wash oil away, make-up cover, dust or polluted chemical and clear pores off and avoid premature aging, you should wash your face every day in the morning and evening. You need to use cleanser which is suitable with your type of skin. For example, oily skin fits with gel cleanser, and dry or sensitive skin should use cream kind.

Step 2: Exfoliating

Description: remove dead cells to help your skin fresher

Skin cells are regenerated regularly, so you need to remove dead cells to help your skin fresher. In the winter, exfoliation will make you boost peeling process because of the dry skin, while in the summer; it will remove excess oil and keep skin soft, smooth and ready to mix with sunlight. However, you need to notice about exfoliation products with high exfoliating activity which will harm to epidermis.

User manual is quite simple: gently massage a small amount of exfoliating cream applied to the skin, keep for several minutes, then you massage again and rinse with warm water. If your skin is normal, dry or sensitive, please exfoliate 1-2 times a week and it’s 3 times a week for oily skin.

Step 3: Tone

Using tone isn’t often considered important though it is a necessary stage in the process of forming beautiful skin, especially in summer. Tone not only helps eliminate residue but and excess oil on your skin but also makes your skin clean, fresh and smooth or even allows you to remove makeup easily. You should search for tone with natural PH, non-alcoholic and rich vera essences or rose water. They are effective in regenerating and balancing without affecting the natural protective oil layer. In addition, for those having acnes, moisturizer cosmetic containing sulfur and a limited amount of alcohol will remove oil and bruises due to acnes.

Step 4: Moisturizer cosmetic

Your skin is always dehydrated every day, both day and night, so you always need to keep certain moisture for the skin to have a fresh and healthy look. Because the skin will secrete more oil on summer days, so you should use cosmetic with slight effect (you can ask for advice of a dermatologist to learn about your skin type and appropriate product). During the day, keep the skin moist along with using sunscreen (read step 5: protect the skin, about freckles). At night, when the skin is on regenerating process, you need more specialized products, usually in combination with serum to speed up regenerating and collagen producing procedure.

In addition, don’t forget to take a look at sensitive skin surround your eyes. It’s the position which is easy to see aging defects. Use a special cream for eye area; note that selecting gel or cream will help to moisturize, anti-dehydration process and cool eye area, rather than products of oil extraction, it not, your skin will be dry at ease. Similar to lips, maintain particular moisture and shine with lip gloss from beeswax combined with sunscreen, or replace lip gloss by cream for eye area with double doses.

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