You are worried and lose confidence when your hair becomes thinner every day, the amount of lost hair increases though you spend time, money and effort caring it. Hair loss becomes your anxiety and sorrow.

In fact, hair loss is not helpless but it can overcome effectively by valuable herbs.

Cause of hair loss

Hair is a symbol of beauty, charm and youth, so women always pay attention to hair care. However, there are many people who don’t know how to care their hair with proper methods. 90% of women surveyed said they were very worried about substantially hair loss.

Hair loss in women may be due to the effect bending, stretching, dyeing chemicals, or because of hormonal changes after giving birth, perimenopause and menopause. A common cause of hair loss in women is lacking of minerals and vitamins because of diet.

In addition, polluted and dusty environment, bad effect from the sunlight along with pressure of stressful busy life and frequent insomnia are also the reason for hair loss.

Not only women have to be worried about hair loss, it tends to be more serious in men. The main cause is due to the abundance of a chemical called dihydrotestosterone or DHT, which makes the hair follicles produce thinner hair day by day, till they are completely damaged, lost and even hard to grow, causing baldness.

Description: Dispel the fear of hair loss

Dispel the fear of hair loss

Prevent from hair loss safely and effectively by precious herbs

There are many methods to prevent hair loss, but the treatment with chemicals or products from chemicals may cause unwanted side effects. 

Protecting from hair loss and early gray hair by herbs brings long-term and safe effectiveness.

Description: Prevent from hair loss safely and effectively by precious herbs

Prevent from hair loss safely and effectively by precious herbs

Red multiflorous knotweed

It is valuable herb sprouting in Northwest Mountain where the air is fresh and pure. Red multiflorous knotweed is famous for magical action – help hair back, make skin beautiful as well as strengthen kidney, liver, laxative and detoxification.

Angelica sinensis

Tonic effect and vitamin B12 supplementation which helps scalp strong, prevent hair loss and early gray hair.

Black sesame

For a long time ago, black sesame has been honored as high-quality food which strengthened kidney and prevented from aging. Black sesame contains a large amount of protein which makes hair strong. Especially, there is much vitamin E in sesame, which is the largest amount among food. Vitamin E has antioxidant effect, improves blood circulation and stimulates hair growth. Furthermore, black sesame also includes melanoma which helps hair to be black.


It has digestion and detoxification effects. Using in long term will help to reduce rheumatism and aging as well as make skin and hair become beautiful.

Eclipta alba

It helps strengthen the kidney and bones, cool the blood, stop bleeding, detoxify, make hair black and stimulate hair growth.


It has decongest, ventilation and pus elimination on pellicle effects.

Cacumen Biotae

It helps stop the bleeding and reduce low blood pressure.

Radix Rehmanniae

It may cool, generate blood and stop the bleeding.

Vitamin H

It makes hair stronger and prevents early gray hair.

Vitamin B5

It helps stop hair loss quickly.

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