5 ways to… Fuss-free hair

Embrace hat head

Description: 5 ways to… Fuss-free hair

5 ways to… Fuss-free hair

‘Chlorine, like bleach, makes hair swell, and salt water roughs up the cuticle,’ says Wella’s Aura Friedman. Solution: a swim cap. Or, wet hair with fresh water and apply a leave-in conditioner all over: your locks won’t be able to sop up pool or ocean water.

Quench dryness      

For supple locks, skip sulfate-based shampoos and use conditioner, advises Lorraine Massey, stylist and owner of Devachan Salon in New York City. These hydration-boosting steps help seal the hair’s cuticle, blocking out humidity (and stopping frizz)

Get a gloss

Summertime elements dry hair, causing frizzies, says Friedman. Nip them in the bud with a clear demi-permanent (a.k.a. gloss) applied at the salon or at home. It will smooth hair and create shine for up to four weeks.

Do the twist

French twist are always chic, says Los Angeles hairstylist Andy LeCompte. To tame the front (and avoid looking like a fifties greaser), pass up gel and run a matte styling product like Wella Velvet Amplifier ($16, salons) through hair. Then brush it back and secure it.

Fill in the gaps

Damage (from haircolor, hot tools, too much sun) creates nicks in hair, making it susceptible to frizziness. You can fix the porous spots in hair temporary by using shampoos and conditioners with proteins, says Heather Warnke of John Frieda.

7 years younger

Stop-the-Clock Strategies

Easy eye lifts

Take swipe at undereye concerns: L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Triple Power Eye Treatment ($25, drugstores) tackles fine lines with hyaluronic acid and a collagen builder, and Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector ($40, in department stores this month) lightens dark circles with vitamin C and mulberry root. Each has a cooling tip, sure to make you bright-eyed in the A.M.


Description: L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Triple Power Eye Treatment

L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Triple Power Eye Treatment

Age-Proof your diet

Just out: 7 Years Younger, GH’s scientifically backed. Here, a sneak peek at the delicious, age-defying foods we packed into our seven-week weight-loss menu (also included: two 125-calorie snack a day). Want more? Order exclusively at 7yearsyounger.com/bookgh.

Description: Filling – and fights wrinkles, too

Filling – and fights wrinkles, too


1 toasted whole wheat waffle topped with ½ tsp. maple syrup. Serve with 12 strawberries, sliced, mixed with 6 oz. nonfat plain Greek yogurt, ½ tsp. maple syrup, and 10 pistachios.


Spread 2 tbsp. goat cheese over an 80-calorie whole wheat wrap. Layer with 2 oz. smoked salmon; 1/3 cucumber, sliced; and ½ tomato, sliced. Fold. Serve with ½ red pepper, sliced.


Toss ½ cup shredded rotisserie chicken; 3 cups romaine lettuce; 1/3 avocado, sliced; 5 cherry tomatoes; 1 slice cooked center-cut bacon, crumbled; and 2 tbsp. grated Parmesan cheese with 2 tbsp. light balsamic dressing. Serve with 2 Ak-Mak crackers.

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