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Is there any better way to celebrate our 75th birthday anniversary by overhauling the house or styling a deserving readers in each magazine issue? In this month, Mary Micari of New York city has a new appearance, updated

Description: Woman's Day

“She had a really bad year in this week”. That is how Mary Micari’s boss welcomed her when she entered the office in Friday’s afternoon on August 5th, 2011. He was right: on Wednesday, she was diagnosed with breast cancer; on Friday,she woke up and realized that her apartment was on fire. “Half of what I am possessing was burnt into ass”, Mary, 49 years old, said. “Losing emotional things such as photos and my grandmother’s Christmas decorators is even more miserable than losing clothes and things”.

In the next few weeks, when she left the apartment of a friend to move to another apartment while being under a surgery and radiation therapy for cancer in the first stage, she was also in charge of a position in a company, which is supervising the rebuilding of the law firm of 70 employees that she was office manager. “I have never been tired like that in my life”, Mary admitted. “I lose almost all of my energy to wear clothes in the morning – not even hair and make-up”.

Fortunately, in the last autumn, Mary was informed that her cancer was cured, but the passionate speed in her was still unchanged. She was still busy replacing her lost properties and settling down in her new apartment, and she admitted that appearance was the last thing she thought about. Therefore, in order to help her boost her style and get back her spirit (and her wardrobe), Woman’s Day took her to the beauty salon Sally Hershberger in New York to have a new hair style, find clothes for her at Lord & Taylor and ask a make-up expert to make a miracle thing.

Mary really liked the result. “There was a photo of mine on the Internet after the fire”, she remembered. “When my mom saw it, the first thing she screamed out loud was ‘Oh God, your hair!” – implying that it was a mess”. Mary smiled and said, “I can’t wait to let her see this moment. This time when she said ‘Your hair!’, that will be because it is so beautiful more than ever”.

Hairstyle. Long and straight hair of Mary needs to be thicker, thus, Ruben Colon gave her a mane of hair which is easy to maintain. Thanks to the floating layer of hair that he cut with scissors, hair looks dry brown or slightly damp. "Basically it is easy to shampoo the hair," Colon said.

Hair color. Color expert Nikki Ferrera has light brown color to cover the hair legs for Mary and adds polish substance to increase normal red dye color. Next, Ferrera has given Mary's hair highlight colors lighter.

Make-up. Cosmetics applied to the eyelids with the color of bronze will "boost the general beauty," said by a make-up expert IIdiko Juhasz. She has used it on Mary, along with a bit of concealer under the eyebrow to brighten the area. On Mary’s chin, Juhasz beats the reddish color. "Doing a little lighter would look nice and very suitable," she explained.

Clothes. When filling up the wardrobe, Mary needs suitable clothes. White long trousers can satisfy the demand, and this sophisticated dotted blouse is well matched with normal pants such as jeans and khaki.

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