The color of the deep blue seas, coral sunsets at the beach and the shimmering turquoise waters sneak into the season’s makeup palette.


It’s the best time to be a vitamin D magnet. Soak in the goodness of the sun to prepare for the months when it goes into hibernation, but do it wisely.


To make sure your skin is sun damage-proof, your devotion to sunscreen should equal your devotion to the sun. This should be coupled with drinking enough water. Hydrated skin is healthy skin. Dry skin can lead to premature ageing, so be sure to moisturise daily, especially when you’ve had significant sun exposure. Apply lotion immediately after showering and before towel drying to allow thorough absorption.

Out There

While you are out in the sun, make sure you carry a hydration booster and wet wipes. Sweat and oil residues can be dirt magnets and clog the pores, which can cause much damage to your skin. Try being as au naturel as possible – wearing a foundation or anything that can potentially clog your pores must be avoided. If you do choose to wear base, make sure it’s labelled ‘noncomedogenic’ and don’t wear it for more than eight hours at a stretch. Leaving it on may result in instant zits and pimples. If you have sensitive skin, and the sun irritates you, an astringent will soothe your skin.

After Hours

Stocking up on vitamin D is all very well, but once your time in the sun is up, make sure you prevent heat rashes, sunburns and skin peeling. While an after-sun gel is apt, those with dry skin can benefit from raw milk while aloe vera and tea tree oil work very well for oily skin.

Description: 1. Inglot Matte Eye Shadow

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