If you want to become the designer of your own fragrance, you can try and see as that making perfume is easier than bake.

In addition, baking needs exact temperature to avoid the risk of raw crust, loose cream, and making perfume just needs to follow formula, with less or more material, the final product is still perfume; maybe the new fragrance is more attractive.

Make perfume from available essential oils

It is not difficult for you to buy essential oils of rose, grapefruit, lavender from cosmetic stores specialize in aromatic spices to make them your own perfume.

Secret of perfume depends on the mixing ratio of aromatic oils, alcohol and distilled water (do not replace it with tap water or mineral water). Each mixing way has different fragrance, and the amount of essential oils is very important.

The amount of essential oils is very important.

The amount of essential oils is very important.

Besides, the white wine is not always same mild-strong, the fragrance changes too. The basic procedure of making perfume is the mixture of any aromatic essential oils.

Direction: Pour the essential oils (at the rate you want) into white wine slowly while stirring and put in cool place for 48 hours. Then mix one part of distilled water, stirring slowly again until it completely mix together.

Perfume is like premium wine, it needs time to reach perfection. Put the new perfume in a cool, dark place for at least three weeks. After that, filter it through a coffee filter until it is pure.

Put perfume in dark glass bottles

Put perfume in dark glass bottles

Each time you make perfume, try to change the ratio, and you will have different fragrance. Enjoy this change. Just 1 more drop of oil, you can rename the new product.

Distill from fresh flowers

To do this way, you need some advice from those have experience to buy a classic distilling flask such as glass pot with cooling pipe.

Give 200g of materials (rose, grapefruit, or lily...) and 600ml of distilled water into 2000ml-distilling flask. Boil it, and pipe will take the liquid oil condense at own pot. Essential oil taken is used as perfume or mixed with water to bath or wash hair.

Cook perfume

This way is indeed simpler than making cookies.

Cooking perfume is simpler than making cookies

Give 1.5 cup of torn flowers (rose, grapefruit, or lily...) into pot. Pour into 3 cups of water, cover and boil with low fire until only a few spoons left. Filter them through cloth to be pure. This way is similar with infusion. Perfume taken can be used in 4-6 weeks. You can create, combine many kinds of flowers and sweet-smelling herbs together as lemongrass + lemon leaf + grapefruit flower…

Wish you have a nice time in your kitchen.

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