A lot of women still forget the step of taking care of your skin with toner every day.

Toner is considered as a cleaning substance. It helps to balance the pH of the skin, reduce dry skin condition and blackheads. Toner will help to shrink the skin of those who have large pores efficiently.

A lot of women still forget the step of taking care of your skin with toner every day.

A lot of women still forget the step of taking care of your skin with toner every day.

The main usages of toner

Clean your skin

After washing your face with toner, it will continue to take away layers of dirt, oil and dead skin cell. Owing to that, your skin will be clean and the inflammation will be limited.

Balance pH

The standard pH helps skin against bacteria living in a range of 4-6. While washing your face, the chemical substance inside the cleansing milk will push the pH to a range of 6.5-8 due to removing oil and dirt. Using toner helps to retrieve the standard pH level.

Help to reduce dry skin

After washing your face, the high pH will make your skin drier. If you use moisturizing cream after that, the absorption of your skin will be less than normal because the pH of your skin needs restoring. Use toner after moisturizing your skin, because this step makes your skin be ready to absorb the moisturizing cream.

Treating blackheads

The appearance of blackheads on most skin is the process of unnecessary oil and dirt that stuck in your pores. Toner will help us clean the pores and reduce blackheads.

The best ways to use toner

Wash your face and dry it.

Put toner on your face and rub while it is still wet. If you have blackheads, you should use absorbent cotton to clean the impurities.

Tap all over your skin.

Notice while using toner

If you have dry skin, instead of washing your face every morning, you should use toner to clean your face.

Choose alcohol-free toner because alcohol toner can cause skin-dry and damage collagen. Even with dry and greasy skin, alcohol toner is not suitable.

If your skin has acne, using toner with salicylic acid is a good way to kill bacteria which causes acne. Use toner which contains alpha hydroxyl acid, beta hydroxyl acid, salicylic acid to prevent aging.

How to make natural toner

Besides the toner which is available on the market, women can make references to the methods of making natural toner. With some pedals, you can easily make good toner. Roses not also have the antiseptic effect, but also help to treat pimples, shrink pores and make your skin smoother and ruddier.

How to make natural toner

How to make natural toner


§  2 roses

§  2 spoons of witch hazel (online ordering)

§  1 bowl of distilled water (can be sold at pharmacies)

§  Boiled and filtered water

§  Heatproof bowl


Wash the pedals. Boil water, pour into the bag and put the pedals in, wait for 30 minutes.

Wash the pedals.

Wash the pedals.

Get the pedals out and keep the solution.

Add witch hazel

Add witch hazel

Add witch hazel

Finally, put the solution in the glass jar. The solution can be used for 1 week if you keep it in the fridge.

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