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Think beauty is only skin deep? Think again. The latest get-gorgeous treatments tackle concerns from within

There’s a new buzzword in beauty: nutricosmetics. It’s all about going deep to build a radiant glow. We’re talking edible beauty buys that support your skin’s appearance form within.

White we’ve always know that it’s important to eat well for the sake of our looks, nutricosmetics are taking this to the next level with special ingredients that target a whole range of concerns ranging from signs of ageing to acne. And it’s as easy as downing a gel, popping a pill or even munching on sweet little gummi bear. Check out what’s on the new beauty menu…

The high-tech supplement

AS10 (1), $187.9 for one month’s supplyas10.co

Developed as a nutritional supplement for astronauts to protect them from the effects of radiation, AS10 could also have skin-boosting benefits for those who keep their feet on the ground. The sweet drink is packed with 10 key ingredients, including the super fruits Cupuacu, acai and acerola, which contain powerful antioxidants and vitamins that work together to help skin heal. A four-month trial found having two shots of AS10 a day helped reduce UV spots by around 30 per cent and wrinkles by up to 17 per cent. Pretty impressive!

The fast-acting wrinkle buster

Thalgo Collagen Booster (2), $46 for 10 days’ supply, thesalonlook.com

Put collagen breakdown on ice with a 10-day course of this currant-flavored elixir, which works to improve your skin’s radiance and tone, leaving you with a more youthful complexion, fast. Each vial contains a blend of active ingredients, including selenium, vitamins C, E and B8, and peptan (which is a proven wrinkle-buster), to nourish, stimulate and protect your skin while erasing erasing fine lines and wrinkles from the inside out.

The good-for-you sweet

Skin Balance Gummi Bear Booster (3), $25, borba.com

Almost too cute to eat, these fat-free chews are a fun way to add a vitamin boost to your diet while regenerating your skin. They boast vitamins A, C, E and B12 and a blend of antioxidants and minerals to fight off nasty free radical damage.

The powerful youth booster

Dr. Brandt Goji-Maxi3 Water Booster (4), $47, lookfantastic.com

This super-powerful detoxifying liquid uses antioxidants, vitamins and purifying goji and macqui berries to tackle signs of ageing. A daily dose fights free radicals and clarifies skin to help deliver a more youthful glow.

The on-the-go gel

Help: revitalize my skin (5), $15.6 for one week’s supply, woorkswithwater.com

Each sachet of this apple-flavored gel is loaded with beauty-boosters including coenzyme Q10 and skin-nourishing aloe vera for a glowing complexion. It’s free from artificial colors and flavors and has no added sugar – great for a post-gym sweet hit.

The two-in-one oil

Fushi Virgin Organic Coconut Oil (6), $8, fushi.co.uk

Use internally and externally to moisturise and condition hair and skin, soothe a flaky scalp, increase immunity and improve digestion and metabolism. Either massage the oil directly onto your skin and hair or use two to three tablespoons in your meals each day. Yum!

Description: Super skin solutions!

Super skin solutions!

The Chilean superfood

Cosmetofruit Luxirious Hair & Nail (7), $58 for one month’s supply, nutricentre.com

Taken daily, a teaspoon of this blend of Chilean berries, B-complex vitamins and calcium will give you glossy tresses and longer, stronger nails – and it’ll help detoxify your body. The tangy flavor is thanks to the high antioxidant levels of maqui and wild blackberries – up to 40 per cent higher than normal berries, due to the unique Chilean climatic conditions.

The vitamin drink

David Kirsch Super Juice Raspberry Flavor (8), $58, spacenk.com

Strengthen your hair and nails with this refreshing sugar-free drink. You’ll need to mix the poder with a bottle of water, but it’s ideal for those of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, including bone-boosting calcium and skin, hair and nail-fortifying biotin. We’ll drink to that!

The skin-nourishing snack

Balance Peanut Butter Nimble bar (9), $3, powerbody.co.uk

Next time you need a boost, pick up one of these bars. Developed for women, they contain carbs, protein and fat to feed your body, and free radical-zapping lutein and beta-carotene to nourish skin. And they taste amazing for just 120 calories!

Description: Think beauty is only skin deep?

Think beauty is only skin deep?

Hot tip

Food rich in omega-3 is great for skin. Nosh on salmon, sardines and walnuts

Description: Hot tip

Hot tip

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