British actress Thandie Newton believes there still isn't race equality when it comes to makeup. She commented that on a recent trip to the airport, she was surprised to find beauty giant Boots didn't have many foundations for darker skin and felt "unrepresented" and annoyed by her shopping experience. She spoke on the topic: "Recently, I was at Heathrow Airport and cruised into Boots. Of the many smiling faces staring back at me from advertising boards, none of them looked like me, my Mum, or any of the Black girls that I know. I wondered to myself; do Black women not go on holiday? Do Black women not go on business trips? Do Black women not work at Heathrow? Why isn't this nationwide and beloved shopping destination stocking makeup for ALL the people and places that it serves? The answer you'll get is that shades for darker skins don't sell — but I've been standing there, for years, and I'd buy it? Meanwhile, I'm feeling unrepresented; twinges of bitterness creeping in. Am I invisible? Does Boots not want me here? Does it think I'm not worthy of some space on its aisles?"

Thandie mused that people of all races should be able to shop in the store without feeling excluded, just as it should be for every situation. She explains that people shouldn't be put off shopping in one place due to the colour of their skin and thinks Boots need to broaden their product ranges to include everyone: "We want to compete together, learn together, work, dance, sing, win … and shop together. We don't want to be separated when we buy makeup — when teenage girlfriends are excitedly buying blusher for a night out, or a bride is shopping with her maid of honor, or I'm shopping with my daughter. I don't want to have to go to Paks while she goes to Boots — I love her and want to be with her."

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