6.    The first time of bathing babies

Babies are too small and you fear that they will be slippery when you hold them and which temperature of water is appropriate. These are normal worries in the first time when you bath babies.

Before bathing babies, you can get experience or watch video/clip that teaches how to bath babies. At present, there are a lot of videos/clips on Internet.

You should prepare clothes, towel, talcum powder, umbilical tape, cover of hands and legs of babies before you bath them. You don’t need to bath in a long time, but movements are smooth and definitive. You should keep hygiene in navel if it doesn’t fall yet.

Mothers shouldn’t fear or worry because in reality, babies like your body to be cleaned. The time that you bath babies will be funny time for both mothers and babies.

Bathing baby is funny time for both mother and baby.

Bathing baby is funny time for both mother and baby.

If pregnant women have condition and demand, you can hire service that can bath newborn babies at home or you can ask people that have experience to bath babies in the first days.

7.     Restore body after giving birth

A woman remembers the first day when she gave birth: “I can’t imagine that giving birth is painful like that. When I left delivery room, I told my mother-in-law: I won’t give birth any more, I feel painful. She smiled and told me: You will forget pain quickly. When my son was 6 months old, I forgot pain in that day”.

Pain, tiredness, unpleasant feelings that you spend are very normal because carrying a child in your womb is like that.

Gradually, your body will restore again when there is the combination of resting and a suitable diet. In the time of lying in childbirth, pregnant women need people to take care or look after of both mothers and children.

8.     Depression after giving birth

This phenomenon becomes popular in modern society. Depression after giving birth has other name: baby-blue phenomenon. It often takes place to pregnant women that have high knowledge and have weak and sensitive nerve.

It often takes place in the first weeks after giving birth with some symptoms such as losing appetite, thinking positively, crying baselessly, sad emotion, discouraged feeling and fearing to contacting with everyone…

You should interact and share with other mothers about the first days when you take care of your baby.

You should interact and share with other mothers about the first days when you take care of your baby.

The reason is that change about endocrine in women’s body will affect center of nerve. In addition, it also combines with surrounding elements such as caring of husbands and relatives in family. Events that take place in family before and after giving birth can make women think negatively.

This phenomenon can take place in some weeks after giving birth or it can even last longer. Families and husbands need to have correct thinking about this disease to share and help women overcome this period of difficulty and crisis about psychology.

In some special cases, they can need intervention of psychological experts, combine with psychological therapy and take medicine to pregnant women.

9.     Dirty diaper

To newborn babies: a regular rotation will be: eating/sleeping/having bowel movement/ urinating. Maybe mothers can be surprised why they must spend a lot of money to buy diapers, but in reality, in the first month, babies can pee continuously.

In the first 1-2 days after giving birth, babies will have meconium. When babies eat more, their feces will change to brown, green yellow of fireworks sparkle.

Following color of excrement and the number of times for changing diaper of babies will be a way to evaluate their health. Feces isn’t solid, its color is normal, babies have bowel movement from 3-6 times/day, urinate 4-5 times/day and begin to gain weight. If excrement has red color or babies rarely urinate are the things that mothers need to pay attention to in order to refer idea of pediatricians to handle on time.

10.  Take care of pregnant women’s body

Wash up

Many mothers worry whether they should abstain bathing early or they can bath normally. In reality, although living condition is improved and hygiene is better than before, after giving birth, body of every pregnant woman is different.

This thing depends on health, weather of regions and condition of families. Pregnant women can calculate the time for bathing after giving birth. You shouldn’t bath too early, but you shouldn’t abstain bathing to be insanitary.

Make hygiene of enclose area or incision

Pregnant women need to keep hygiene of perineum every day, wash it 1-2days/time. You should change tampon once for 3-4hours because blood flows in the first week after giving birth.

Take care of incision carefully to avoid infection.

Go to check gynecology 3 months after giving birth.

Nipple and breast

You should make hygiene clean when you give babies the breast.

If your nipple is cracked and painful, you should apply specific remedy.

Full breast: The reason is inflammation of milk gland, obstructed milk, so you should go to medical stations to cure on time. You can handle at home with some folk remedies. In addition, you can combine it with applying warm compresses and messaging nipple continuously.

Other notes

You should keep body, head, ears, hands and feet warm when you go out.

Use specialized pillow: Pillows that you used to use in pregnancy are necessary in the first weeks after giving birth. They can make you lie and sit more comfortably when your whole body is painful. Especially, it helps women reduce pressure on sacrum.

Although you are tired, you should try to move in room or go out to breathe natural air instead of lying on bed or staying in a closed room for a long time.

Using specialized pillow will help you lie and sit more comfortably.

Using specialized pillow will help you lie and sit more comfortably.

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