Babies cry, start out of their sleep, unsound sleep because of ignorance of parents.

Description: Sleep is very crucial for the development of babies

Sleep is very crucial for the development of babies

Be different from adults, children sleep to grow up. Sleep is a series of stages including drowse, sound sleep, and short time of waking up, then drowse, sound sleep, and get up… Sound sleep is the time when developing hormones are generated the most. Therefore, if there is not enough time for sound sleep, babies’ weight and height will develop more slowly than their peers. 

Children sleep more than adults. Newborn babies are sleeping champions - 18 hours per day; 6 month-old babies – 14 hours; 6 year-old babies – 11 hours. When they are near 16 years old, they begin sleeping as adults – about 8 hours. However, while coaxing “the champions” – new-born babies – into night sleep, a number of parents (especially young parents) make mistakes but they do not know.

Here are top 5 mistakes of parents when they babies into sleep at night, causing them to cry, be uncomfortable, and stay up late.

1.     Rapidly soothe babies when they cry

It’s not easy to go away, leave babies to cry. However, parents remember that babies are intelligent enough to understand if parents do not coax them when they are crying, better to accept and sleep!

As a result, if children cry when sleeping, parents should overpower their love for babies by doing something else in order not to hear their sobs. Wait patiently in 5 minutes (from hearing cry) for soothing babies. Next time, extend that waiting time by 10 minutes and longer to train babies how to keep calm themselves.

Obviously, if children are ill, sick, or tired, parents have to identify quickly by parental instinct and coax babies for sleeping.

2.     Hug babies tight when they are sleeping

Because of loving babies too much, some parents are so worried that they hug their children tight when sleeping. In fact, that increases risk for babies.

Hugged too tight when sleeping, babies will feel difficult to sleep because they breathe cloudy air in blanket and be easy to be sick.

Description: Parents should not hug babies too tight when they are sleeping.

Parents should not hug babies too tight when they are sleeping.

3.     Feed children solid food before sleeping

Parents usually feed their babies solid food (instead of milk) to make them not be hungry and wake up at night. In fact, nutrients in solid food cannot be as much as a bottle of milk which is similar to babies, so they wake up more because they still want to eat at night.

4.     Put too much toys around sleeping place

Parents usually put toys with sound and light around place where babies sleep because they think those toys will help babies safe and be easy to sleep. It is totally contrary in realty; the toys will make babies awake and focus on them, and forget to sleep.

5.     Keep light in baby’s bedroom

To be convenient for breasting, changing diapers at night, some young mothers often leave the light on all night, which affects baby’s health. Especially, in environment of light, the sleep will reduce quality, sleeping time is shorter, and development is slower.

Therefore, parents should keep appropriate light at place where babies sleep. Do not turn off light to prevent them from worrying and scaring.



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