When the weather is changeable, a large number of patients will be hospitalized at the hospitals, especially children. The diseases such as the flu, sore throat, hand-foot-mouth diseases (HFMD), and dengue fever have increased to the warming levels. Consequently, these cause the decrease of resistance, prolonged fatigue, loss of appetite and weight loss in children. Therefore, mothers need to pay attention to the regimen and supplementation of essential nutrients to protect babies from the changes of unfavorable weather.

Description: The secrets of the properly baby care

The secrets of the properly baby care

1.     Keep babies warm properly

To avoid catching cold, keeping babies warm needs to be done properly and seriously. Minimize the exposure of baby’s body to cold water, whenever mothers wash or bathe babies, they should be fully prepared warm water, dry towels, clean clothes for babies after bath. When going out, babies always have to wear warm clothes with the neck scarf, gloves, socks, mask to prevent the cold air from the nose, throat, and unclothed skin. Also, mothers should take notice of covering babies with the blanket to avoid a cold at night.

2.     Reduce the risks of diseases

To reduce the risks of diseases, mothers should keep the absolute hygiene for babies by hand washing, food hygiene, boiled drinking water, regular oral hygiene.

Clean and spray the areas around the house, pay attention to the areas of the bush or puddles that can produce larvae, mosquitoes to prevent diseases. Arrange the house in a cool, clean and dry place.

3.     Learn how to care for sick babies

Mothers need to provide themselves with basic knowledge of taking care of sick babies suffering from diseases such as fever, flu, and diarrhea basing on the scientific medicine in order to help them get over these types of diseases quickly and avoid the false health care causing the bad situations for them.

Diarrhea is a common disease occurring among babies during the cold season. Mothers should take babies to see a doctor to determine baby diarrhea causes. Baby diarrhea always needs to be made ​​up for water and electrolytes by giving babies the drink of solution orezol. The mixed solution orezol also needs to be complied properly; the package of orezol is not absolutely divided into smaller portions to mix many times. Especially, in these days of diarrhea, babies need to be fed with soft, digestible and nutritious foods.

4.      Coordinate with the pediatricians patiently

When babies are sick with symptoms such as fever, prolonged fatigue, and loss of appetite leading to anorexia, mothers should take them to the Children's Hospital for the doctor’s medical advice and right treatment to help them quickly recover their strength. Absolutely, mothers should avoid the states of buying themselves medicines for baby’s drinking, self-treatment by traditional methods that have not been scientifically verified, causing the adverse effects on the baby’s health.

5.     Nutrition for children during epidemics

Mothers should provide sufficient additional nutrients, vitamins, essential minerals to increase resistance to help babies reduce the risks of infection by feeding the full four groups of foods: starch, proteins, fat, vitamins and minerals for babies and should not be excessively abstinent. Also, mothers should pay attention to choosing and processing foods so that they are easily absorbed. Since baby's digestive system is weak, it is easy to cause the states of indigestion, dyspepsia or digestive disorders. From this, it does not easily absorb the foods. Milk is also a source of comprehensive daily nutrition for babies.

6.      Help babies overcome anorexia

To help children overcome anorexia, mothers need to be patient and coordinate closely with the dietitians or pediatricians (if necessary) to find the causes and select the appropriate solutions to eliminate anorexia.

According to the dietitians, mothers should start this by not putting pressure on babies in the meals, processing and decorating the dishes corresponding with baby’s interests. In addition to three main meals a day, babies need feeding the alternate additional meals with milk and fruit. Mothers should not feed them to babies near mealtime and should encourage babies in the physical activities so that babies are rapidly hungry and want to eat.

7.      Perfect solutions for baby’s anorexia during epidemics

Babies having anorexia are more likely to get sick and have the poor ability to resist diseases. Pediasure milk BA U.S. Abbott is a nutritional product based on the scientific research for the baby’s anorexia with advanced dual sugar and unique fat systems that support the process of digestion and absorption, helping to maintain baby’s healthy status and appetite in and even after the disease; this leads to baby’s healthy growth and development.

When babies are sick and in the sates of anorexia and fatigue, milk can be used to replace part or full main meals to maintain their constitutional status, prevent the weight loss, rapidly recover her resistance so that they can return to normal strong healthy status and continue to grow best.

Description: Keeping warm properly and adequate nutrition will help babies have better resistance to the diseases in cold seasons.

Keeping warm properly and adequate nutrition will help babies have better resistance to the diseases in cold seasons.



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