Children’s anorexia is the anxiety of many women.

Children’s anorexia is the anxiety of many women.

When children do not eat well or have anorexia, every meal becomes a constant obsession of mothers.

Anorexia is a big problem of all mothers in taking care for children. How to help children overcome the anorexia easily and keep them develop healthily both physically and mentally? Take a look at a few tips of the following mothers who overcame anorexia of their children.

Change food to help children eat better

2 months ago, I was very tired because my kid had anorexia. Every meal, I opened all the cartoon channels and children's music for him. However, until the 3rd spoon, he did not eat anymore. He pushed his hand and dropped all food on the floor, even the delicious soup that I cooked all the afternoon. I also tried to take him out for a walk around the block, feeding him while walking or standing with a few mothers who were also feeding their babies, but it did not work out. One time he was angry and crying. He lost weight quickly. I realized that the situation was not good, so I researched books and internet. People say that we should not feed children just a familiar dish; we need to change food to bring children strange taste and they will want to eat more. So I started to write a new menu for my child every day. Finding new food with attractive colors, he started eating more. Besides, I often made orange juice, grape juice, fresh fruits such as bananas, strawberries, or yogurt to add vitamins for better development of my child.

Let's change menu for your baby each day.

Delicious look - Delicious smell - Delicious taste

My tips can be showed in three words: Delicious look - Delicious smell - Delicious taste. When my daughter refused her favourite dishes, instead of forcing her to eat, I made food more lively, good-looking and newer to stimulate her appetite. For example, I sliced the sweet cake, basting chocolate as the eyes, nose, mouth, smile, cut two small pieces as the ears.

She enjoyed and ate all delicious food. "Delicious look" does not only include beautiful decorated dishes but also the way to change the menu every day, every meal with different dishes; the dishes must contain enough nutrients and do not cause boring for children. Nice looking food with great smell is wonderful. When your baby's visual and olfactory are stimulated, it will eat well.

Be strict to feed your child

My mother-in-law loves grandchildren very much, if my child eats a bit lazy or fussy in meal, she does not scold him. We suggested, but she said he was just a child, when feeling hungry he would eat, so adult did not need to worry. When my son became thinner, my husband persuaded his mother stopping spoiling my son and helping us to treat him. In eating time, we sat with our child to let him follow us and not run around to get toys. My mother was stricter with him​​. She forced him to sit at the table and did not let him eats junk food before meal. We also gradually changed our eating habits, we all ate in the same time to let my son gets used to it. Every time my son eats well, the whole family praised him by applause, he loved it very much. When we prepared meal, he automatically put the toys down and sat obediently on the table…

Praise your child when it eats well.

My son is almost 4 years old now. There was a busy time so I asked his grandmother come to play with him in the summer. This was also the time that he suddenly became anorexic. Grandmother is strict; in the time my son stayed at home with her​​, all his activities, including eating and sleeping, were taken care by her. She forced my son to sit still during the meal, and he had to eat all the rice she prepared for him. That time I came home late, so I could not take care of my son much. Grandmother often told me he was very lazy to eat, sometimes he was angry and refused to eat. This happened within a month. I started to find out the way she fed my son, I found that forcing will create bad mood for him. I talked to her and also reduced the time in the company to be close to him. Now he eats well with his own way and loves to be praised every time he eats all the food.

Do not let children lose concentration

My baby is 5 years old but I have to struggle with him every time I feed him. Each meal took me an hour, sometimes almost 2 hours for a bowl of rice. When he sat at the table, he said: "Mom, I'll get some toys". After eating a spoon, he said: "Mom, television has advertising program, can I watch it a little?" Then he started to hold the rice in his mouth and played all kinds of toys. I realized this situation was not good. So, I discussed with my husband to be stricter to him. On eating time, the whole family sat at the table, my son run to find his toy. My husband said immediately: "You must eat your food before playing. We do not get toys while eating". In addition, I showed him that “when you are eating, you have to chew carefully and swallow food, you must not keep rice in your mouth, it is not good for the stomach. If you get pain, I will call the doctor for injection". At first, he cried, but we kept ignoring, no comfort, no pamper. As a result, he was gradually accustomed to this way and sat obediently in the meal, he told stories about his school, what his teacher taught today. Now, he only needs half an hour to finish a meal.


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