Short and inverted nipples are the “sorrow” of many women when breast-feeding.

Ha is usually full of breast milk but she can’t feed her baby because her nipples are not only short but also inverted. Whenever she pushes the nipple to her kid’s mouth, he sucks a bit, and then bends his body and bursts into tears. Finally, Ha has to do the milking and put in a bottle for him.

“Every day I try to roll and pull my nipple but there’s no use. Milking frequently is hard because I’m afraid my child gets familiar with it and refuses breast-feeding” – 25-year-old mother says.

Also struggling to breast-feed her babies, Nancy said: “My nipple is short, stout, not only cracked in the middle but also stretch like a disk. My baby finds it difficult to be breast-fed. At first, Nancy also consistently forced her child, whenever he bent out, she quickly pushed on. Sometimes it took many times but he was just fed a little milk and then cried fiercely. Nancy’s mother-in-law and husband were so impatient that they immediately made a milk bottle to feed him. He munched it quickly because of being too hungry. After that, Nancy got a scolding from her mother-in-law because she didn’t know how to give her baby the breast.

Nancy was scared that her kid was rarely breast-fed that made she lose milk, but she didn’t know how to deal with it.

Description: Short and inverted nipples make mothers feed the baby with a bottle.

Short and inverted nipples make mothers feed the baby with a bottle.

Breast-feed baby with inverted nipples

Some mothers have short and inverted nipple that makes breastfeeding difficult. Babies often cry to object to breasts due to it’s hard to hold and suck their mothers’ nipple. Then, if the mother isn’t patient, breastfeeding will not be smooth. The baby will be lazy and refuse to breast-feed, so the breast will reduce the amount of milk. Simultaneously, if the mother lacks of milk, the baby will fed up with breast-feeding and prefer being bottle-fed.

The mother may choose to do the milking, put into a bottle and then give her baby a fake nipple but it is just temporary. Because once the baby gets familiar with the nipple of milk bottle, he will not allow being breast-fed and cry more loudly when the mother attempts to push the nipple into his mouth. With these cases, you can try:

1.      Take a clean and soft towel, dip it in warm water, squeeze, put it onto the nipple and “roll”. You should do it before breast-feeding to let your baby suck at ease.

2.      If a nipple is inverted, avoid letting the baby suck another nipple because it doesn’t take advantage of milk in both breasts and makes the mother’s breasts unequal (big and smaller). You should consistent to feed the baby even with short nipple.

3.      Right breast-fed posture is that the baby’s mouth opens widely to hold the breast, not just only sucks the nipple. Therefore, the mother needs to know how to push the nipple into her baby’s mouth to feed him better: Hold him to oppose to a breast so his nose (or upper lips) in front of the nipple. Wait till he opens his mouth (you can slightly rub your nipple against his lips to stimulate him), you immediately push his mouth to your breast. His lower lip will touch the breast; keep the lower lip away from the nipple because it will make the nipple head to his upper jaw. Signs that the baby sucks the nipple right:

o   His mouth opens widely; he sucks most of his mother’s breast.

o   His jaw touches the breast.

o   His lower lip bends rearwards.

o   You see less the halo of breast (dark color skin surrounding the nipple) veiled because the baby’s mouth sucks the breast.

o   The way of breast-feeding has to be changed, from short to long time with breaks.

4.      You can use silicon nipple tool (attached to the nipple while breast-feeding) to reduce pain while the baby sucks and simultaneously lengthen the nipple to let the baby suck easier.

5.      Be patient to give the baby the breast. Avoid making milk bottle due to the baby is tired of breast feeding. There are many cases which take several months to breast-feed the baby despite short nipples.

Description: Brest-feed baby with short mother’s nipple

Breast-feeding baby with inverted nipples

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