Think about your pregnancy as the first 9 months in the rest of life - and also the life of your child. Here’s how to create good eating habits, doing exercise and other habits, which will help you gaining weight at this time. It is good for you and your family.

Good habit 1: start moving

If you do exercise during pregnancy period, you can reduce 7 pounds compared with pregnant who do not do exercise and still in the weight benefit range, according to research. You also have less posibility to suffer complications during pregnancy or when giving birth, and you can be thinner when you are in middle age. Here are five activities that you can start right now and continue to do all life:


Why is it great at this time: Walking strengthens the heart and lungs, improve circulation and can be done in 10 minute if you are easy to get tired. It is also very easy to do. Turn it into a good “basic” activity with little influence will reduce stress on the joints, so you will have less risk of injury.

Remember: Avoid uneven or slippery surfaces - you are easy to fall out because of your bigger abdomen and focus change. Besides, your body is creating more relaxin, a hormone making in the pelvic ligaments soften. “This means that all ligaments of the joints become looser, which makes you easy to have sprain or dislocation of hands, knees and ankles”, said Anita Sadaty, doctors at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, N.Y. Sport shoes provide better support than running shoes, however, be aware that you may need increase a hafl size of your shoe in the third quarter.

After your baby is born: Put your baby in the belly bag (and in the back later) and in tune with the elbows bent, and hit them to the back as quickly as possible. Look for the safe path to go during pregnancy.

Description: Walking


Swimming (or other water exercises)

Why is it great at that time: Water provides resistance, strengthens cardiovascular, lungs and muscles, brings less posibility to cause injury; allowing you to do harder exercises without being too hot, whether you’re swimming ,walking or dancing. Even in the 9th month, you can still look and feel graceful in the pool!

Remember: poor technique can cause neck, shoulder or back pain. Stop doing exercises if you feel pain.

After your child was born: Check the swimming programs for mothers and infants at YMCA, the local gym or a swimming center.

Description: Swimming (or other water exercises)

Swimming (or other water exercises)


Why is it great at this time: Pilates strengthen abdominal muscles and other important muscles, which can prevent and relieve lower back pain and help you push on labor.

Remember: avoid lying back on the second and third quarters; talk to coach about using a wedge, pillow or hug pillow to keep the head higher than the stomach, so you do not become dizzy.

After your child was born: Ask coach to see if it's okay to let your child follow from the outside, or open a Pilates DVD while your baby is sleeping. A disc that we like: Jennifer Gianni’s Fusion Pilates Birth Balls for Post Pregnancy, at www.fusionpilates.com


Why is it great at this time: Yoga improves the balance, which is affected by changes in weight during pregnancy; reduce stress by breathing and conditioning techniques, helping reduce pain during pregnancy. It can also open the hip joint, which can be good to you during the birth process, according to the personal trainer in Chicago, Michael Sena, author of Lean Mom, Fit Family (Rodale), said . Yoga is safety throughout the 3 quarters.

Remember: Avoid the reverse and excessive position, especially the position that your legs outstretched (like Tailor or Pigeon position). Although relaxin will allow you to stretch your legs wider than normal, this may lead to the muscle torn. You should also avoid lying on your back back after the first quarter.

After your baby is born: Try yoga to have sweat and strong durability for the muscles. Join a yoga class for mothers, or put your child near the mattress while you do yoga with DVD at home. A favorite yoga disc of us: Element: Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, at www.amazon.com

Description: Yoga


Durability training

Why is it great at this time: Weightlifting helps us against risk of injury during pregnancy by strengthening the muscles around the joints, according to Sena. It will also prepare you the heavy lifting of motherhood.

Remember: breathe in and breathe out regularly; breathing out too hard can create pressure for the pelvic. Avoid overloading your loose joints due to your overworking (too many times) by using lighter weights (3 or 5 pounds). 

After your child is born: Training by using heavier weights you can lift about 8 to 12 times. Playing a DVD at home and doing exercise while your child is sleeping or watching it. A disc that we like: 3-2-1 Baby Bulge Be Gone, Phase 1; at www.ramonabraganza.com.

Remove excess weight easily (no need of babysitter)

Press-ups: Place your baby in front of you and get into Plank position, it is the beginning of press-ups: Put your hands on the floor so that the distance between 2 hands is equal with 2 shoulders, stretch your arms. Straight your legs to your back side, weight placed on the toes. Keep your back straight, put your face toward your baby; try to hold the position for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Lower your knees softly, kiss your baby, and return again. Repeat 5 times.

Squat together: Place your baby in a small belly bag, stand with widen feet, point toes forward; hold the back of couch or chair with one hand for balance if necessary. Lower your hips as if you're about to sit down, keep the weight on heel, then push body back. Do this 2 or 3 batches, each batch includes 12 to 15 times.

Hard walking in downtown: Instead of going to the store immediately, first, let make one or two quick races with your child in a stroller. Training abdominal muscle by the shrinking the main muscles, pull the umbilical cord back.

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