Global Gourmet (Part 1) - Prawn and Chicken Dumplings, Artichoke, Feta and Mushroom Pizza

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We took a virtual culinary trip around the globe and brought home some of the healthiest and most tantalizing tastes to recreate your own kitchens.

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Asian treats

This recipe is an adaptation of one of my favourite Asian dim sum called siu mai, which features strongly in Cantonese cuisine. Usually the filling is prepared and wrapped in a dough-like paper. I prefer to use a light wrapping of steamed cabbage, which makes a slightly healthier snack.

Add parsley to the dumplings for a splash of colour. Serve as snacks or as a plated starter.

Nutritional content per serving: 805 kJ

5.1 g carbohydrate, 33 g protein, 4 g fat, 3 g fibre

Prawn and Chicken Dumplings

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Makes about 20 Dumplings/serves 4-6

·           400 g prawns, shelled and deveined

·           250 g chicken fillets

·           5 spring onions, finely chopped

·           4 garlic cloves, crushed

·           4 t (20 ml) crushed fresh ginger

·           2 egg whites

·           2 t (10 ml) cornflour juice and zest of ½ lemon

·           1 t (5 ml) low-sodium soya sauce

·           1 t (5 ml) sesame oil

·           ¼ t sea salt

·           ¼ t milled black pepper

·           6 cabbage leaves

1.    Place all the ingredients except the cabbage leaves into a food processor and blend to an almost smooth mixture. Don't blend until completely smooth; try to retain a little texture. Set aside to chill in the fridge.

2.    Blanch the cabbage leaves in a large pot of boiling water for a couple of minutes — just to soften slightly, don't overcook. Lay on a wooden board and cut ribbons of cabbage about 4 cm wide.

3.    Roll the prawn and chicken mixture into about 4 cm (30 g) balls. Place each ball on a strip of blanched cabbage and roll up.

4.    Place cabbage rolls into a barn-boo steamer, but not so close that they touch. Place steamer over a pot of boiling water. Steam for about 10 minutes until prawn and chicken mix is cooked through.

5.    Arrange on a serving platter. Serve immediately while still warm. Low-sodium soya sauce makes the perfect dip.

Note: Siu mai is a popular dim sum and found on menus around the world.

Italian inspiration

Originating from the Neapolitan cuisine, this dish has become popular all over the world. Pizza is an oven-baked, disc-shaped flat bread traditionally topped with tomato sauce, cheese and a variety of toppings.

Substitute the flour for the dough with wholewheat, spelt or rye flour if you prefer. Use the thin base as a vessel for your favourite healthy toppings.

Nutritional content per serving if 5 servings 1 830 kJ

50 g carbohydrate, 15 g protein, 20 g fat, 7 g fibre

Artichoke, Feta and Mushroom Pizza

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Makes 5-6 medium pizzas


·           200 g self-raising flour

·           ½ C (125 ml) water

·           2ml salt

·           2 T (30 ml) olive oil

·           2m1 salt

Tomato sauce

·           2 T (30 ml) olive oil

·           2 onions, very finely chopped

·           3 fat cloves garlic, crushed

·           500 g chopped tomatoes

·           4 large basil leaves

·           2 sprigs fresh thyme leaves, finely chopped

·           1 bay leaf

·           ½ C (125 ml) chopped parsley

·           ½ t sea salt

·           ½ t milled black pepper

·           Pinch sugar


·           120 g white mushrooms, torn into pieces

·           390 g tin artichoke hearts, drained and torn in half

·           100 g reduced-fat feta cheese

·           100 g low-fat mozzarella, grated

·           ½ C (125 ml) loosely packed basil leaves

  1. Place the dough ingredients in a food processor and blend to form a ball. Divide the dough into about 5 pieces and roll into a round, flat shape. Use your fingers to do this and make your own free-form shaped pizza. Place on baking trays.
  2. Set the oven to 200°C. For the tomato sauce, fry the onion in a lit-tle oil. Add the remaining ingredients and allow the sauce to simmer, uncovered, for about 10 minutes. Dollop a spoonful of tomato sauce on each dough base. Scatter the toppings on the dough.
  3. Place in the oven and bake for about 15-30 minutes until the pizza edges are crisp and golden and the cheese has melted.
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