With differently subtle as well as diversified components and flavors, grain becomes an ideal food for you to enjoy and cook.

You must have heard of quite much information about whole grains. Recently, such plant-origin foods rich in energy are considering the most nutritional foods in the world. Because of containing much fibre and important anti-oxidants, whole grains brings about countless health benefits, from supporting immune system to preventing threats of cardiovascular diseases, kinds of cancer, and even diabetes.

Description: Go with the grain

Go with the grain

Nowadays, whole grains become more and more diversified. They are processed in a simpler and more flexible way than you think. Many grains are cooked through quickly under 30 minutes, which makes it become delicious foods at night. When cooking a grain pot, separate one part to reserve. Cooked grains can be reserved for a few days in fridge, and when necessary, you can warm them up quickly to serve more in meals. You can also add grains to soup or mix them with plenty of fruits and vegetables so as to make a plate of salad for the main disk, or even pack them into muffin or soft bread to have a nutritional breakfast.

The followings are instructions on how to cook grain that help you conserve the grain’s nutrition and flavor.

How to cook through grains? Just by some simple tactics, you can cook through grains. To create good flavor for disk, boil them with liquor instead of water.

-       Quinoa grain: cook a cup of cleaned quinoas grains with 1 ½ cups of water in 15 minutes

Description: Quinoa grain

Quinoa grain

-       Millet: grill a cup of millets in a dry pan, and then cook them with 2 cups of water in 25 minutes

Description: Millet


-       Peeled barleycorn: cook a cup of peeled barleycorns with 3 cups of water in 45 – 50 minutes, add more water if necessary

Description: Peeled barleycorn

Peeled barleycorn

-       Grinded barleycorn: cook a cup of grinded barleycorn with 2 cups of water in 20 minutes, add more water if necessary

Description: Grinded barleycorn

Grinded barleycorn

-       Unpolished rice: cook a cup of unpolished rice with 2 cups of water in 40 - 45 minutes

Description: Unpolished rice

Unpolished rice

-       Wild rice: cook a cup of wild rice with 2 ½ cups of water in 45 - 50 minutes

Description: Wild rice

Wild rice

-       Wheat grain: cook a cup of wheat grain with 3 cups of water in 40 – 50 minutes

Description: Wheat grain

Wheat grain

-       Farro grain: cook a cup of grinded Farro grains with 3 cups of water in 45 – 50 minutes, add more water if necessary

Description: Farro grain

Farro grain
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