Green Light Sydney Comfort Food (Part 3) - Walnut pesto, Sprouted quinoa, beetroot & goat’s curd salad

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“Add a little turmeric, ginger or lemon to your meals to help aid digestion, as well as to keep any winter ails at bay.”

Walnut pesto

Walnut pesto

Walnut pesto

Makes 1/2 cup

·         1 garlic clove

·         1 cup basil leaves

·         1/2 cup flat-leaf parsley leaves

·         1/2 cup (60g) walnuts

·         2 tbs extra virgin olive oil

·         2 tbs lemon juice

Whiz garlic in a food processor until finely chopped. Add basil, parsley, walnuts and oil, then whiz until coarsely chopped. Add lemon juice and stir to combine. Season and serve immediately.

Sprouted quinoa, beetroot & goat’s curd salad

Sprouted quinoa, beetroot & goat’s curd salad

Sprouted quinoa, beetroot & goat’s curd salad


Serve 4-6

Use organic quinoa in this recipe, as any pesticide or chemicals present in non-organic quinoa could inhibit the sprouts from growing. Sprouting grains, seeds and legumes unlocks the nutrients in them and makes them easier to digest. Begin this recipe 2 days ahead

·         1/2 cup (100g) organic red quinoa

·         2 large beetroot, peeled, cut into thin matchsticks

·         1 baby cos, leaves separated

·         1 bunch flat-leaf parsley, leaves picked

·         1 cup (160g) almonds, roughly chopped

·         100g goat’s curd or soft goat’s cheese

·         Seeds of 1 pomegranate

Orange dressing

·         1/3 cup (80ml) orange juice

·         1/4 cup (60ml) apple cider vinegar

·         1/3 cup (80ml) extra virgin olive oil

·         1 garlic clove, slightly crushed

Place quinoa in a fine sieve. Rinse under cold running water until water runs clear. Transfer to a large glass jar and fill with enough cold filtered water to cover quinoa. Stand for 30 minutes. Cover the jar with a piece of muslin cloth or clean Chux and secure with an elastic band. Invert jar over a sink and strain water. Rest jar, upside down on a rack until water has drained. Turn the jar right-side up and stand at room temperature for 8-12 hours until quinoa starts to germinate. Rinse and strain the quinoa, repeating process, three times a day with cold filtered water for 48 hours or until sprouts have grown to desired length. Cover jar and chill for up to one week. To assemble salad, arrange beetroot, lettuce and parsley on a plate. Top with sprouted quinoa, almonds and goat’s curd. For the dressing, combine all ingredients in a jar. Seal jar and shake to combine. Remove garlic clove. Drizzle salad with orange dressing and scatter over pomegranate seeds to serve.

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