Omaya Bellavoine - owner of Cake Couture Marbella and La Parisienne, has lived in Los Naranjos nearly 20 years with her husband - Arnaud, three cute children: Soraya (17), Yara (age 12) and Sacha (4 years), and an important character is the dog Yoda.


Description: How does she do it?

Let’s describe an ordinary day of you?

I usually try to get up before the children, prepare clothes and then I wake them up, prepare lunch for them while let them having breakfast, then we hurry to get into the car and go to school, emphasized the word “hurry”. Once the kids are in school, based on cake reservation schedule, I will decide to go to the restaurant or bakery. If there are more cake orders, I will go to the restaurant at 1.00pm and stay there until picking up the kids after school. This is the time my third job officially begins: being mother, compared to outside jobs, being mother is actually much more difficult. I take care the kids when they do exercise or take shower, preparing dinner. The time that whole family sitting around the dinner table is the best thing in the day, we both relax and tell each other about our day. After the kids go to bed, I spend an hour for mysefl to relax my mind and then fell asleep.

How can you balance motherhood and the business?

Not always easy, but I am lucky enough when one of my works allows me to work from home. My bakery shop for Cake Couture Marbella is located in the previous garage area, this allows me to working and taking care children at home. As I said, I always use the school time of children to manage the La Parisienne restaurant. My job could not run well if I do not have great support of my husband, he is always willing to pick up the kids when I am too busy with work or actively preparing dinner for me when I exhausted.

Do you have time to relax?

Actually ... no. I am a “workaholic” and I am rarely free, because then I'm easy to get bored, I force myself to find something to do. When I have a little free time, I will spend it to the children.

How can the children inspire you?

I am very lucky to have 3 beautiful children in both appearance and spirit. Two older girls, 17 and 13 year old, are old enough to need mom as much as before, so they help me to take care my youngest. He has just turned 4 and it also realizes that mom can not always spend as much time for him. I'm really proud of my children, and when we say we are also proud of me ... well, that is truly priceless words. They have inspired me to set up the Cake Couture Marbella bakery. I've done a lot of birthday cakes for them until one day I decided to turn my talent into a real job.

What do you love most when being a mom?

Everything! I have 3 kids with different ages: youth, teen and kid. It used to be a careful thought process, I always wanted to have more children, and I have deliberately waited long time to decide to have the youngest, because I do not want my children to grow up and leave me too soon. I love smelling fragrance on my youngest’s hair, as well as listen to the stories of the oldest, but above all, my heart melted to hear them whispering “I love you”.

What is the ideal model of a mother that you want to reach?

I can not answer this question exactly, I think, all mothers will try their best in this case, and for children with different characteristics, requiring the mother must also have respective way of treatment.

Do you feel difficult to take your family to live in Marbella?

It was a really difficult decision because the biggest concern is about children's education, and we actually want them to agree. If they are not comfortable, we will never move to live in Marbella. Fortunately, they love Aloha college when we have the opportunity to visit the school, and they are quite familiar with the lifestyle because we often take vacation here. We believe that life quality of children have improved a lot. If we did not move to this place, maybe the kids would have had to live in a cold country and could not go out frequently.

How will you enjoy “Mother's Day”?

Like every year, I will try to wake up late and let the kids surprise me by making a special breakfast. With father’s help, they will prepare a tray of delicious food and a branch of fresh flower. I hope that my second daughter will write a beautiful poem for me, eldest daughter will give me the gift that she had prepared the previous night, and the youngest son will give me a special portrait. It is a day I really do nothing and just enjoy happiness of being a mom.

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