The first time Angus took his girlfriend to our home was failed when we were happy to review the memorable timeline of his childhood: the first chickenpox, or the first time riding a bike, or the first time involved in an accident. I still found difficult to face with the matter that my son had a girl firend though, because it was like a great replacement. Was I not the only woman in my son’s life? – It’s so painful. Also with the offense of hurting others, according to the criminal drama “Justice and law” or CSI my husband often watched, I could convict my dearest son of a serial killer, and I really didn’t want this accusation. Definitely, I wanted my son to meet a good girl, to invite her to our home or a warm dinner where she could help me to clean up and gossip with me.

Description: Mommy’s dearest has a date (Part 2)

After heart-breaking experiences form the first girlfriend accident, I was confident that I would have solutions which were more gentle and smarter with the next date of my son. But, man proposed but God disposed, due to the story about the second girl was not brighter. It was a girl who had just moved to our neighborhood and she often visited our home. I knew her after several times but it was official in a day I came to the kitchen with a pile of laundry and I was shocked to see they were cuddling next to the sink. After recognizing me, my beloved son stammered “Oh mommy, this is…” He spoke a strange name that I had to repeat three or four times to pronounce correctly. Nevertheless, her name was not important, simply because that hug made me mad, and the consequence by then was my hard interdiction for that couple. 

I usually pretended to show a normal side with my son’s affair, just because I didn’t want him to feel that I was competing to become the only woman in his life. The perfect scenario that I wanted was a visit of a nice girlfriend. After that they could watch TV in the living room and I promised not to disturb them, was it too comfortable for that couple?

Back to the story of that girl, in the summer before entering the university, I realized that Angus rarely met her, maybe it was because they were busy preparing for the entrance exam. I thought, “Do they have anything between them?”, and unexpectedly, I saw Angus who seemed a bit tired, and it would be easier to check information. Then I started a conversation:

 “Recently [that girl’s name] seldom visits our home, right?”

He mumbled and grumbled when I had just finished my question.

 “Ah, I means how is it going on?”

He kept moaning along with shrugging his shoulder.

“Do you go anywhere on Friday night? Do you need the car? Or does [her name] want to come to our home? If it’s ok, I can make a home-made pizza for you two”.

It was mumble as well as tears from his red eyes.

 “Oh dear, are you crying?”

His eyes dewed with tears. “She broke up with me…” then he burst out crying, blew his nose into a napkin and started to tell a long love colon as the novel “His love stories” I had read, but this storyline was more dramatic and characters were so disordered.

Basic ideas that I got were that my boy was more serious in this love than that girl. He was driven crazy by that girl while she was just vague. After being taken advantage, he was ignored and dumped away like old clothes.

I listened to his story, imagined the scene that cruel girl broke my dearest son’ heart, then used her ivory-like feet to trampled that sacred sentiment. Although I showed that I was listening attentively, my head was full of thought. All of sudden I recalled a conversation in the TV show of Jerry Springer: “Do you want me to tackle that girl? I have to let her know that no one could hurt my son”, and I thought how I would whip out the chair into that annoying girl’s head.

I tried to console and comfort him, though he was taller than me a head. I asked if he wanted to eat biscuits or drink some juice, and if he wanted, I would not mind making mushroom marinated beef he loved. Despite my kindness, my boy just wanted to be alone.

Once entering the university, he would be stable as before, so he needed a new environment. Therefore, I had to replace my husband who was on business trip to settle it. In fact, it was not too difficult.

Finally that summer ended and he was ready for school again. During the first weeks, he lived above the clouds. If he didn’t sleep, he would watch TV dramas passionately. After that it was fine because he found a job in a clothing shop and I met his “intimate” colleague here. It was a girl who was willing to nag Angus if he forgot a glass of milk on the counter and didn’t clean up after eating the cake plate. She was a real arrest. However, unlike before, I really liked this girl. I loved the way she looked and smiled affectionately with Angus when hearing jokes or she complimented that Angus and I looked special equally (an intelligent person and a lovely humorous one). When we went for a walk, I always watched over them, smiled and thought: “Angus is so lucky”.

And also I found myself lucky when my son had such a cute girlfriend. I realized that I was not “dumped” as I used to be obsessed. If I was fortune, my son’s partner would not be the enemy as I thought but she would become my true ally. Now my son officially has a lover, a petite girl with sexy lashes but fledged to help my kid grow up. It’s enough for me to be satisfied and happy.

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