How a little do, re, mi may boost baby’s learning skills.

Description: How a little do, re, mi may boost baby’s learning skills.

Of course, lullabies soothe babies – but research shows that listening to music boosts his memory, attention and even language skills later. A recent study at Brigham Young University showed music even helped the physical development of premature infants. To help your baby get in the groove:

Start early: Research suggests newborn remember, and prefer, music they head in utero. So pick a few tunes you really, really like to sing when you’re pregnant – and he just might find their familiar rhythm and pattern soothing after he’s born.

Description: The magic of music

Skip sad songs: Babies as young as 5 months can distinguish an upbeat song from a gloomy one, according to a recent study at Iowa State University. “Music affects mood,” says study author Douglas Gentile Ph.D. “Playing angry-sounding music may agitate your baby, just as lullabies soothe.”

Hit replay: Play or sing the same song at certain times of the day, like bathtime, naptime and bedtime, and he’ll learn to associate the song with a comforting routine. You might be surprised when simply singing a few bars might calm the tears – like in aisle eight at the grocery store.

Description:  Kids learn music

Say my name, say my name: Every baby loves hearing his name. So when you sing to him – whether it’s the ABCs or Adele – inserts it in the song. Or check our Name Your Tune (nameyourtune.com) for personalized CDs and watch his eyes light up every time his name is sung.

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