“These guidelines will help you absorb nutrients from fresh foods rather than alternative medicines.”

Fresh foods will help you absorb enough nutrients and vitamins every day.

Everyone needs to supplement vitamins and mineral, and we encourage you to absorb nutrients through foods rather than complementary medicines. The reason is that foods will give you full trace elements (and nutrients) by a complex mechanism and science helping your body consume them better – as nutritional expert Maria Bella, the founder of Top Balance Nutrition in New York said. For example, strawberries, except for vitamin C, also contain potassium, manganese and folate bronze, magnesium, niacin, zinc and vitamin C. Those nutrients working together will bring more benefits than taking separated support drugs. Bella also points out that it would be more interesting if you directly eat fresh foods. However, will they help you absorb enough nutrients and vitamins per day? If you are still worried about this matter, review 4 types of natural nutrients below with us.


Description:  High Calcium Foods

 “99% of calcium in body is stored in bones and teeth” – a nutritionist, Dr. Jonny Bowden, the author of The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth. Calcium plays an important role in preventing osteoporosis and supports effectively for the communication of nervous system, muscle contraction, hormone and enzyme regulation. Although these types of dairy products compose ò high calcium content but you need to notice that there are not only dairy products which can make you gain perfect RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) indicator.

You can get 100% of calcium content per day with:

·         ½ cup of cooked green turnip or ½ cup of cooked kale (about 10%)

·         2/3 cup of hard tofu or 1 cup of low-fat pasta with cheese (about 30%)

·         8 small pieces of Swiss cheese or a cup of fresh yogurt without sugar (about 40%)

·         3 ounces of red canned salmon or 4 teaspoon of roasted sesame seeds (about 20%)

Vitamin C

Description: Fruit

Vitamin C helps you beat the damage process from the root of cells and DNA, accelerate the synthesis of cell chain and heal wounds. In addition, they are able to increase HDL cholesterol (a kind of cholesterol which is good for health), support bone growth and help the body absorb iron better (Expert Belle is also used to advise you to eat both foods which are rich in vitamin C and iron to maximize benefits of two nutrients. Citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits are full of vitamins. Besides that, vegetables like kale, broccoli and other fruits like peach or apricot also helps you to absorb 75 milligrams of vitamin C each day.

You can gain 100% of vitamin content per day with:

·         ½ of red grapefruit or 8 fresh strawberries (about 51%)

·         1 medium peach or a Asian pear (about 13%)

·         ½ cup of blueberries or 2 apricots (about 9%)

·         1 branch of cooked broccoli or a boiled potato (about 27%)


Description: Foods with Iron

Iron is important compound which forms hemoglobin – a kind of protein in blood cells helping mango xi come to cells to produce energy. Bowden expert recommends that if the body had too little of iron, it could be easy to be tired, weak and pale. Premenopausal women need to pay special attention to RDA indicator of iron in the body, because iron, as usual, decreases during menopause. You can choose a dish of beef liver to provide iron, but it’s fortune that there are many food you can try, except for that expensive one: vegetables, beans, other parts of beef (after the menopause, women will need less iron than other stages – just 8 milligrams or 44% of RDA indicator for iron)

You can receive 100% of iron content each day with:

·         2/3 cup of cooked chickpeas or ½ cup of canned bush-bean (about 22%)

·         3 ounces of grilled ribs or a small vegetarian dumpling or ½ cup of hard tofu (about 17%)

·         ½ cup of wheat cream or ½ cup of instant oatmeal (about 28%)

·         2 cups of spinach or 1 ½ cup of Switzer beet (about 33%)

Omega 3

Description: Omega 3 - fish

Omega brings many magical benefits for your heart by not only decreasing blood pressure but also preventing from arteriosclerosis. It also helps you get stronger skin, sharper memory and more optimistic mind (Bella expert often advises depressed patients that they should eat many foods which are rich in omega 3). Although fish is considered as great food with omega 3 content but it also composed of quicksilver, which worries us when we use fish as main source of omega (FDA recommends that women who are or are about to pregnant shouldn’t eat more than 12 ounces of fish having lowest quicksilver content per week). However, there are many ways you can absorb enough omega 3 with 1.1 grams per day by fruits and vegetables.

You can obtain 100% of omega 3 content each day with:

·         1.5 ounces of canned sardine or 4.5 ounces of catfish or 1 ¼ teaspoon of flaxseed (about 60%)

·         ½ cup of edamame or 1 ounce of grilled pecans (about 25%)

·         1 cup of spinach or 1 cup of cooked vegetables (about 15%)

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