Weaning schedules

By the time children get to know weaning, they will get more and more interested in the variety of foods (normally from 6-9 months old). You should start making plans for daily breakfast, lunch and diner for your children. Even when they don’t feel hungry, you should maintain the schedule. You should serve children 2-3 meals a day and add light meals (it could be weaning cookies, crunchy snacks, fruits, whey or yogurt…) between them. To prevent children from being thirsty, you should provide them with milk in addition. There’re suggests of sensible weaning schedules:

Children who are 4-6 months old should have 2 food meals a day with 2-4 teaspoons of foods each.

Children from 7-12 months old should have 3 meals a day, little food each.  

How to start a meal?

The following information is really important; moms should take notice of it. When children eat, they will put their hands on their mouths or throw foods. For that reason, their hands should be clean.

Start a meal with cleaning children’s hands, comfort children and make them sit straight. You should turn off TVs and music so that children can focus on the meal and easily feel the satiety. Above all, children really like throwing foods, and it’s completely normal. Children do that to make the meal interesting, so you shouldn’t be angry about it.

Description: It’s okay if children be a little frisky during the meal.

It’s okay if children be a little frisky during the meal.

What should children eat?

Weaning foods play an important part in the progress of children, so make sure that children’s meals include:

Single grain cereals (for children at around 4-6 months old): the iron supply in mother’s uterus will decrease after the labor and be at the lowest point by the time children are 9 months old. Grains (rice, oats) provide children with a great amount of iron, which is why whole-grains are chosen to be one of baby’s first feeding.

Pureed vegetable, fruits and meat: Some doctor share that if moms feed children fruits before vegetables, they can create a long-term interest in sweets in children; there’s no research supporting the thought yet, though. Therefore, whether to feed children bananas before carrots is totally up to you.

Minced or ground foods (for children at around 9-12 months old): If children are not ready for the weaning stage, you should continue feeding them pureed foods. When children are able to eat mince or ground foods, you should feed them soft fruits, green vegetables and minced meat. At that time, children can also eat rice and casseroles.

Foods children should avoid

You should take notice of foods children shouldn’t eat during the time.

Description: Honey can cause poisoning to children.

Honey can cause poisoning to children.

·         Honey: If you let children eat honey too early, they can experience severe poisoning.

·         Citrus fruits: You should consult doctors to know whether your children are allergic to those fruits’ components because if they are, they can have heat rashes.

·         Cow milk: It’d better if you keep on providing them with breast milk or formula milk.

·         Seeds, corns, dried grapes and peanuts: you must be careful to those foods as children can get chokes eating the foods.

The mentioned are basic things moms should remember when weaning babies. This is one important stage of children’s developments. It requires much of care and love. Hope your children have good weaning.

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