Lotus root is used not only as salad or fry, hotpot…but also a material for medicine to help cure some diseases.

Eastern medicine thinks that lotus root is cool and sweet when it is fresh. It may eliminate congestion, be suitable with thirst when being drunk, and haemoptisys and blood vomiting.

Select lotus root

There are two kinds of lotus root, sticky and ordinary lotus root. When selecting sticky lotus root, you should choose white body, soft, fresh, thin peel, small joint eyes, light and smooth inside, and short sections. You shouldn’t choose lotus root which has dry green body and wrinkled withered peel.

Original lotus root has slightly pink rough body, clear wrinkle, thin peel, large prominent joint eyes, kernel line inside, long cylinder section which is hard, a bit tough and having much fiber while being eaten.

Benefits of lotus root

Fresh lotus root water or soup can treat fever, thirst, blood vomiting and haematuria, nose bleeding, bleeding under the skin because heat in the body is excreted through the urination.

Lotus root, especially lotus root section, is a very good hemostatic, specializing in treating of bleeding, such as haemoptisys, haematuria and blood bowel movement…People often use 6 – 7 crushed lotus root sections, add some red sugar to get effective hemostasis.

Description: Lotus has many effects for health.

Lotus has many effects for health.

Simple remedies from lotus root

Lotus root cane juice

Description: Lotus root cane juice

Lotus root cane juice

500gam fresh sugarcane and 500gam fresh lotus root. Sugarcane is washed clearly, sharpened the bark, cut and pressed to juice.

Lotus root is washed, removed sections, sliced to put into a large bowl. Pour sugarcane to soak in 8 – 10 hours, take the lotus root into a blender, press to juice and drink 3 times a day.

Benefits: cure for urinary inflammation, strangury and haematuria.

Grape lotus root glue

250 ml grape juice and 250 ml of fresh lotus root. Put the mixture of grape juice and lotus root into a pot, boil till it becomes glue. Store in a bottle for use after it is cool. Drink two tablespoons with boiling water, twice times per day.

Benefits: diuretic, treatment of urinary inflammation, strangury and cooling.

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